Your business and your team both benefit if you reduce cleaning costs. Here’s how time-tracking software can make that a reality.

When you make an effort to reduce cleaning costs, one of the biggest challenges you run into is employee buy-in. There’s a reason for that. Reducing costs often means employees are expected to work harder and faster. It happens over and over in the service industry. Breaks are unpaid, staffing is cut, and sometimes even the supplies and equipment needed for a job are left in poor condition. In other words, there’s no incentive for employees to invest in the idea of cutting costs. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. It’s possible to reduce cleaning costs and get overwhelming support from your team. In fact, accurate time tracking can actually benefit employees, as well as the business. As with many things in business, there’s more going on here than just the bottom line. 

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Reduce Cleaning Costs

Reduce cleaning costs and increase employee engagement

I’d like to reiterate the idea that, generally speaking, cutting back on hours and staffing is not a great way to reduce cleaning costs. Aside from the fact that there’s no incentive for employees to go along with this idea, you also risk people burning out or getting injured. So instead of employees who are working more diligently, you have a team that’s tired and slow. And in case you’re thinking you can just hire new people, I’d also like to remind you that hiring comes with its own set of expenses. 

Besides, there really is a better way to approach this, and good time-tracking software is one of the pillars of this approach. 

Here are some of the benefits to your business that come from proper time tracking: 

  • No overestimating payroll hours.
  • You have an accurate account of the time needed for a job.
  • You have an accurate accounting for invoicing clients.
  • No “buddy punching” and paying people for work they didn’t perform.
  • No clocking in early or clocking out late.
  • You have data to provide more accurate estimates to future clients. 
  • The data gives you information for proper staffing.
  • You can compare location or employee data for time-based tasks.

You’re probably aware of at least most of these. And all of them can help you reduce cleaning costs. More data and better information regarding payroll help you ensure you can budget properly and know how much you need to charge for different jobs. 

Of course, it’s pretty easy to understand how time-tracking software would be beneficial on the business side of things. But how does time tracking help employees? And why do they care whether you can reduce cleaning costs? 

  • No underestimating payroll hours. Employees get paid for the time they work. 
  • No more forgetting what hours to write down. With software like Janitorial Manager, it’s possible for employees to automatically clock in or out as they enter or leave a location. 
  • With an accurate account of timing for a location, you may increase staffing, thereby making employees’ work easier. 
  • Encourages accountability. Since there’s no “buddy punching,” your employees know their colleagues aren’t sitting home getting paid while they’re picking up the slack. 
  • A more profitable business is able to offer bonuses, raises, and benefits to employees.
  • Time tracking allows for more equity in workloading.

Where to find time-tracking software

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to time-tracking software. Many of them are excellent choices. The field is full of options from well-known names like ADP and Intuit, to small and powerful software solutions from companies like Harvest or TSheets. 

It’s probably no surprise that we’re partial to the time-tracking feature that’s built into Janitorial Manager. There’s no additional cost or add-on pricing; it’s part of the package. Plus, employees have several ways to clock in and out. Managers and on-site supervisors can clock in an entire team, individuals can scan QR codes, or your team can clock in and out at a kiosk. There’s even facial recognition, so again, no one on your team is stuck doing their job while someone else is getting paid when they aren’t there. 

Additionally, Janitorial Manager integrates or partners with multiple payroll administrators, such as Intuit, ADP, and Paychex. 

In addition, Janitorial Manager offers you numerous ways to reduce cleaning costs. With benefits like easy communication between staff, management, and customers, or the built-in bidding calculator, Janitorial Manager is your all-in-one package for running your commercial cleaning business.

If you’re ready to increase the professionalism of your cleaning operation through better organization, easy access to important data, unparalleled tracking, and more, schedule a call with JM today!