Learn how to win big by scoring commercial cleaning contracts with local stadiums and arenas.

There is something magical about the facilities that host our favorite musicians and sports teams. The energy can be amazing. Until the end, where instead of bright lights and cheering fans, all you find are sticky floors, endless cups, and trash as far as the eye can see. Unless, of course, you’re a janitor, then you’re probably wondering how you can score commercial cleaning contracts with these types of venues. 

Stadium cleaning can be an excellent niche if you’re looking to fill your schedule with more steady clientele. Residential clients often view professional cleaners as a luxury, which makes them the first expense to get cut when times are tight. Event planners, on the other hand, need a reliable janitorial team to get their facilities in proper working order before, during, and after each one of their many different functions. Once they find their preferred cleaning team, they’ll sign a commercial cleaning contract, which confirms that they will work together for a specified period of time. Quite often, these contracts last for at least a year, which provides a more predictable income source for cleaners. Instead of hopping from one small job to the next, one client can fill your calendar with regularly scheduled assignments. Plus, if you make a good impression with one event planner, you can open your business up to a whole network of new clients.

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Commercial Cleaning Contract

How to turn trash into cash by scoring commercial cleaning contracts with stadiums and arenas

Evaluate your business to be sure you’re capable of serving large venues

It’s extremely important to take the time to decide if commercial cleaning contracts with large venues are the right fit for your business. Cleaning stadiums and arenas is rigorous work, which requires a powerful team. You must be confident that your team can meet the client’s janitorial needs, or your organization’s reputation could be in grave danger. 

Perform a janitorial walk-through with the stadium’s facility manager

Commercial cleaning walk-throughs are especially crucial with massive facilities such as stadiums and arenas. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so you’ll want to keep notes on which tasks are most important to the client. Stadiums and arenas typically need teams that focus on the following functions:

  • Restrooms
  • Private suits and luxury boxes
  • Sweepers
  • Trash pickers and blowers
  • Washing and sanitation crew
  • Crews to replenish paper goods, handsoaps, and hand sanitizers

Assess your team and hire extra staff, if necessary

Understaffing can be a total nightmare when you’re cleaning up after thousands of event attendees. Before you and your team take on cleaning jobs with stadiums and arenas, you’ll have to know how to calculate the appropriate amount of workers needed. Walk-throughs are the perfect time to get to know potential clients, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. The more you know, the better you can prepare your team for the job.

  • How large is the facility that needs cleaning?
  • What is the expected total number of event attendees? The larger the crowd, the more cleaners you’ll need to complete the job.
  • How many shifts are required? Will you need staffing available for pre-event preparations, during the event, and post-event clean-ups?
  • Are your current employees reliable and willing to endure flexible scheduling?
  • Is it better to hire full-time workers, contracted laborers, or temporary part-time employees?

Choose the right janitorial software provider

Huge facilities like stadiums can be challenging to maintain if you don’t subscribe to the right software platform. In fact, janitorial software is a vital tool for cleaning companies looking to get commercial cleaning contracts with large venues. The best janitorial software suites provide access to robust tools that take the stress out of everything, from scheduling to on-site inspections and even communication. They also offer mobile apps to help managers and cleaners stay fully operational even when they’re on the road. 

Take an inventory of all the necessary supplies to clean large venues

When tackling large messes, ensure your team has all the right tools for the job. A handheld mop isn’t going to do anyone any favors when cleaning a facility that seats over twenty thousand people. Before approaching stadiums and arenas for commercial cleaning contracts, take an inventory of your supplies. Be sure you not only have the right tools for the job but that they are also in good working order. Don’t forget to assess personal protective gear like gloves and air filter masks for those who might need them.

Research local venues with commercial cleaning contracts up for bid

Stadiums and arenas come in many shapes and sizes. While it’s true that many large venues host professional sporting events or famous artists, many facilities cater to local athletes and musicians, too. If you’re looking for new clients, consider the following venues:

  • Football and soccer stadiums
  • Hockey rinks
  • Soccer and baseball fields
  • Race tracks
  • Concert halls
  • College arenas
  • Outdoor music venues and amphitheaters
  • Civic centers
  • Convention facilities
  • Expo centers

Prepare a persuasive commercial cleaning proposal

To win commercial cleaning contracts with stadiums and arenas, you have to present facility managers with a convincing cleaning proposal. Your proposal can make the difference between getting hired or not, so you want to make sure it’s bulletproof. Whenever gathering data for new clients, it helps to use a commercial cleaning checklist. That way, when it’s time to build your proposal, you don’t leave anything of importance behind. Clients can see that you’ve listened to their concerns and are prepared to provide real solutions. 

Commercial Cleaning Contract

Signs that commercial cleaning contracts with stadiums and arenas are right for your business:

  • Your team is experienced (or at least knowledgable) with cleaning large facilities.
  • Your team has enough employees with flexible schedules to get the job done.
  • Your team uses robust janitorial software tools for scheduling and project management.
  • Your team has the right cleaning tools and protective gear to work safely and efficiently.

Winning a bid to work with a large client can improve your business and help you win additional contracts. Be sure you have all your bases covered so you can do the job well.

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