It’s easy to turn hard-earned cleaning business leads into loyal customers when you have the right customer retention approach.

It’s a great feeling to acquire new cleaning business leads. Whether it be by online reviews, word of mouth, or the many calls made to local businesses, you’ve spent a lot of time and resources trying to attract new clientele. Your marketing efforts have paid off, which is excellent, but the real profits appear when you turn those new leads into regularly scheduled customers.

New clients are exceptional for business, but there are many benefits to gaining the trust of your existing patrons and turning them into regulars. Selling services to existing clients can save money on lead acquisition efforts because it costs five times more to attract new clients. Existing clients are also bigger spenders. According to one study they spend 67% more than new customers. Even customers with more modest budgets are valuable because smaller jobs can earn big bucks when they’re consistently scheduled. There’s no doubt that customer retention is a significant element of turning cleaning business leads into routine clients.

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Cleaning Business Leads

Start turning new cleaning business leads into a strong pipeline of regular clients with these valuable customer retention methods.

Praise loyalty with an attractive rewards program.

More than 80% of consumers are willing to stick with brands that offer a rewards program. The key to building an effective program is to present incentives that customers find appealing and also achievable. You want to give clients a reason to come back to your cleaning company and not the competition. Instead of taking a traditional approach and implementing a points system, consider designing package deals that reduce costs when clients book recurring appointments. Enhance your program by including extras like free sanitation services during flu season or money back for customer referrals.

Maintain quality control by performing regular inspections.

On-site inspections help keep your cleaning team accountable to ensure they’re completing tasks as instructed. Inspections also give you the chance to impress clients by upholding, and even exceeding their standards. Boost inspection and accountability attempts by using a janitorial inspection app on your mobile device. The right app will let you and your team keep track of inspections at multiple locations using customizable templates, image sharing, and reporting tools. Feedback can be sent and received to ensure prompt resolution.

According to a study by American Express, 33% of consumers studied say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for failure, which is why inspections are such a critical tool in turning cleaning business leads into routine clients.

Make it personal with thoughtful communication.

Being thoughtful is a great way to earn customer loyalty and also profits. Customers that have an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value than ones that don’t. If you want to build lasting relationships with clients, it’s important to make a note of their preferences, especially how they wish to be reached. Younger clients may prefer digital communications such as text, email, or conference call, but there are still clients that appreciate phone calls and handwritten notes. When composing messages, keep the client’s needs and recent requests in mind. If a holiday or special occasion is coming up, be sure to acknowledge it. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to recognizing what matters most to your clients.

Choose the right janitorial software to consolidate systems.

Janitorial software plays a vital role in cultivating a pipeline of routine clients because it can boost overall productivity and quality control. It’s also the best way to bring your company into the future. More than half of customers believe that companies need to provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep their business.

Instead of using old-fashioned methods to monitor clients, employees, and billing information, find one software provider that has it all. With Janitorial Manager everything is consolidated in one easy to use program making your entire team more productive. Managers can keep connected with cleaning staff, fix discrepancies, and view essential job information in real-time. There’s also a client portal that gives clients the power to request services, supplies, inspection reports, or even provide feedback.

Keep your team focused on exceptional customer service with regular training sessions.

The best way to keep clients coming back for more is to provide them with excellent client care. Every business has areas that could use a little polishing, and regularly scheduled training can help your team shine. Just be sure your training program isn’t so high-pressure that it distracts attendees from focusing on delivering exceptional customer service. Training sessions should be short but frequent, and they should always empower employees. It’s also important to encourage problem-solving, then monitor accountability silently using janitorial software. Follow cleaning inspections and use the feedback to determine which areas are most in need of improvement.

Keep clients engaged with social media.

Another vital part of encouraging client loyalty is to keep them interested in between janitorial services. Social media is an excellent client engagement tool. Use Twitter or Facebook to share daily content such as maintenance tips, facts about illness prevention, and how to reduce waste. Use Instagram to showcase photos of satisfied clients or before and after images from recently completed jobs. Just keep in mind that not every single post has to be related to cleaning services. You can also effectively engage clients by sharing local news stories or upcoming community events. As long as you’re posting appealing content regularly, you’re sure to make an impact online.

While being profitable is an exceptional benefit of turning cleaning business leads into routine clients, it’s not the only advantage.

By mastering customer retention, you’re building a trusting relationship with your clients. When clients trust your company, they’re happy, and content customers are much easier to work with. They’re more receptive to change and are willing to work with you when there’s an issue to be resolved. Plus, over 60% of satisfied customers are willing to recommend a business to someone they know by word-of-mouth, making them some of your best cheerleaders.

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