Get the most out of your office cleaning leads by offering additional services tailored to clients’ needs.

New office cleaning leads could well mean new money in the bank. But what if those new leads could mean more revenue opportunities than what your standard contract gives you? Would you be happy to add 10% or more to your contract, while also giving your customer something they could appreciate?

It’s always exciting to convert your office cleaning leads into clients, but you could be missing opportunities to increase your revenue, and enhance the services you provide your clients by offering add-ons that meet their needs. It’s easy to get so caught up in settling a contract that you might neglect to promote the services that aren’t part of your standard job bid. This can be a costly mistake. Upselling accounts for 10-30% of revenue increases and is generally easier than trying to acquire new customers.

That’s not to say that upselling is easy. Many business owners don’t consider themselves salespeople, which means they may lack the skill and vision it takes to identify opportunities within an existing sale. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to enhance this skill so you can not only keep your office cleaning leads happy, but you can increase your revenue as well.

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Office Cleaning Leads

If you aren’t upselling, you may be missing opportunities to provide new office cleaning leads with services that would benefit them

What is upselling? In case you haven’t come across the term before, upselling refers to the practice of selling a customer an extra, better, or more expensive product or service when they’re ready to buy. Let’s say you have a lead who’s about to sign off on a standard contract for your services. Before the ink is on the page, you suggest the client may benefit from monthly carpet cleaning as an additional service. If they accept, bingo—you’ve upsold.

Upselling is particularly useful because, by the time you get to it, the client is already in a buying mood. That doesn’t mean that you should just carelessly suggest add-ons to them—we’ll talk more about this later—but it does mean that during the sale and towards the conclusion, you should be listening to the cleaning lead to determine whether or not there are other services or products you can provide for them (at an additional cost, of course).

Now that you’re familiar with the term, it’s time to look at how to upsell office cleaning leads with the add-ons that your company offers.

Identify a need

Even before you’ve hashed out the initial contract, you can spot places within an office where you can upsell an add-on. For example, if you visit the job site for a walkthrough and notice the floors are covered in scuff marks, that’s an opportunity to upsell floor waxing/buffing services. Whether or not you’re a natural salesperson, you are a professional cleaner, and you’ll notice things on a potential worksite that your office cleaning leads may not have. Use this to your advantage. Make a list (mental or otherwise) of services the client might need that you know are outside the scope of your standard services and save it for later.

Another way you can identify need is by talking with the would-be customer. Ask questions about the job site, questions that point towards your add-ons while simultaneously solving the customer’s issue, whether that be kitchen cleaning or HVAC cleaning.

Remember that at this stage, you’re only identifying a need. Jumping to an upsell too quickly can cause an adverse reaction from your audience—they may feel you’re pushy. No matter how you identify the needs of your office cleaning leads, save your observations for the contract negotiation.

Upselling the add-ons

While you’ve been looking for upselling opportunities, you’ve also been working diligently to close the sale with the prospective client. Upselling only works when a client is ready to sign on the dotted line, so be patient and wait for the opportune moment, which is usually after you’ve gone over the list of services you include in the standard contract. An example might be, when discussing cleaning of the break room, you offer weekly refrigerator clean-out as an extra service for a nominal cost. Or maybe you point out streaks on the windows and suggest that a useful added service might be regular window cleaning.

Upselling is most successful when you’re solving a real problem for a client. If you push services that the client clearly doesn’t need, it may hurt your credibility and reputation as a business that pressures clients into sales. Remember not to be too eager with your upselling. You’re better off getting the contract and not upselling this time around than you are not getting the deal at all. You may even find that the initial contract negotiations aren’t the best time to upsell your office cleaning leads, but perhaps it would be better to wait until you’ve established some trust. Getting the timing right is an art as much as a skill, but it’s something that anyone can learn in time (or sooner!).

Get your staff involved

Your cleaning staff can be an excellent resource for upselling opportunities once they’ve gone through the worksite at least once. Even if you’ve done a walkthrough, the cleaning staff are the first people to really see everything in detail. Train them to look for opportunities, which they can then communicate back to you, especially if you’re using software like Janitorial Manager. You might even incentivize them by offering a commission for spotting opportunities that turn into sales.

Track your success

Each time you successfully upsell to your office cleaning leads, make a note of which products or services they bought, and look for trends. Perhaps you’ll find that eco-friendly cleaning products are an easy add-on that many clients are willing to pay extra for. Or maybe you’ll have particular success with upselling decluttering services. Whatever it may be, pinpoint the add-ons that have been upsold the most and focus on promoting those services to other new clients since you already know there’s a higher likelihood that they might be interested.

Remember, also, that needs change over time and with different circumstances. You may offer services exclusive to the winter that don’t make sense to upsell in July. You may introduce new products and services, or your client’s needs may change. Whatever the case, if you measure what works, you’ll have an idea of what other add-ons you may be able to upsell to office cleaning leads as well as current and past clients.

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