The commercial cleaning industry is changing. Keep up with janitorial business software that will boost your income.

There are a few ways to turn a profit in today’s cleaning industry—raise prices, make do with older equipment, lower wages—but none of them are particularly desirable, and the additional revenue they’ll generate for you is minimal. A better option is to invest in professional janitorial business software that can help you grow your company to win more jobs, track productivity, and save more money, among other things.

Now you may be thinking that janitorial business software can’t possibly do all of that. After all, you’ve gotten by without the latest and greatest technology for many years. However, in today’s fast-paced society, leveraging technology designed to streamline cleaning jobs can not only lower your spend in the long term, but it can also help you to generate more profits as long as you keep your data current.

Still not convinced? Here are some ways that using janitorial management software can result in an uptick in your revenue and profits.

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7 Ways janitorial business software can boost your profits (and lower your stress)

1. Better access to customer data

The most valuable asset any business has is its customers. It’s important, then, to properly manage customer data and customer experience. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is one of the best ways to do that. 74% of CRM users say that their systems have given them improved access to customer data. Janitorial business software is no different. Products like Janitorial Manager allow you to store and update customer information in a neat and organized way. It also gives you the power to track customer data so that you can anticipate future needs based on past service, as well as keep up to date with existing customers who are likely to become repeat customers if you establish strong relationships with them.

There are other benefits, as well, to improved access to customer data. You can remember birthdays and anniversaries, then reach out to those customers with a nice note or perhaps even a discount. Little things like this help improve the customer experience.

Now that’s sure to translate to better profits!

2. Improved communication

Janitorial business software can also help you improve communication with both clients and staff. By better communicating with clients, you can better meet their needs, often in real-time, and you can respond to concerns before they turn into actual problems.

Similarly, by better communicating with your staff, you can help ensure that they are doing the best job possible, as quickly as possible. Use real-time messaging to reach employees while they are on the job to resolve conflict or provide additional instructions. The ability to do this puts you in the position to get more work done in less time, furthering your profits without a lot of additional output.

3. Track inventory more easily

One of the most common places to lose money is on inventory. Keeping poor track of inventory can cost your company hundreds or more dollars in lost profits.

With janitorial business software, it’s easy to keep track of your supplies and equipment so you can know exactly how much product you have on hand, what you need to order, what you’re out of. Additionally, you can run reports to tell you which items you go through the most quickly and which ones don’t require as much monitoring. Those same reports can also help you spot inaccuracies or unexpected inventory numbers, which can then be investigated immediately rather than finding out too late that you’ve sustained a loss.

4. Simplified job bidding

Some janitorial business software, like Janitorial Manager, will even allow you to simplify or automate job bidding. This takes a lot of stress off your plate and enables you to bid on more jobs in less time, translating to more revenue. The job bidding feature can also calculate the cost of a job for you so that you know ahead of time more or less what the outcome will be of a given project barring any unforeseen circumstances.

5. Improved project management

Professional janitorial software can help you improve project management on each job. You can plan requirements, costs, and resources, as well as create and maintain a schedule to keep your employees on track to finish the job in the anticipated amount of time. With this kind of technology, you can manage an entire project without ever setting one foot on the job site! This means less human resources, more time to work on your business, and—you guessed it—more revenue.

6. Streamlined inspections

Janitorial business software makes inspections a breeze. Use a smartphone or tablet to create customized inspection templates or use a generic one provided within the software itself. The inspections function gives you access to live reporting, so you know how things are going, and you can even take pictures to go along with the inspection so that there’s proof of work either performed or not performed. This may help cut down on customer complaints and dissatisfaction, which is always a good thing for business.

7. Other features

There are plenty of other useful features that will help you boost your profits, too. From scheduling to monitoring and giving feedback on employee performance to creating checklists to make sure your staff doesn’t miss anything on the job site, custodial software is almost essential for keeping your employees and your projects on task and on time.

The best part of the software is that it’s affordable, and all the additional profits you get by using the software streamlines the entire custodial process. While cutting down on mistakes and giving you more accurate insights into your business expenditures, janitorial business software helps you know, day by day, where your business stands in terms of success and profitability.

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