Janitorial inspection software isn’t just a selling point; it’s an essential tool in your efforts to help your clients stay safe and healthy.

We all know that janitorial inspection software can help us stay informed of how our teams are operating. It can help us communicate with clients about the details of a particular part of the job or clarify communications when there is confusion. Janitorial inspection software helps us stay on task, and it helps our clients remain satisfied. 

That’s all great. These are the types of things that help us improve our commercial cleaning businesses and give us a little edge on the competition. With these obvious benefits, it’s easy to miss the more subtle advantages, some of which are incredibly important. 

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Janitorial Inspection Software

The hidden ways janitorial inspection software protects your clients

Like janitorial work itself, there are a lot of hidden benefits with janitorial inspection software. When you go into an office building or school or a retail shop, you make the windows sparkle, the floors shine, and the countertops shimmer. The rooms smell nice, they look marvelous, and your clients can relax knowing everything will be spotless when you leave. 

These are the things that keep clients happy. This is what you get hired to do. Underneath all of the sparkle and shine, however, is something your clients can’t see. The germs that contaminate surfaces during cold and flu season, the dust and pollen that fills the air during allergy season, and the mold and mildew spores that are still too tiny to see are all gone, thanks to you. That shimmering countertop doesn’t just look nice when you’re done; you’ve eliminated many of the contaminants that can make your clients feel lousy. 

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. The journal Global Health Action published a paper in 2019 that states that “good environmental hygiene is critical to quality care.” A 2020 issue of the Veterinary Nursing Journal states, “maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness […] is vitally important to ensure the safety of patients, staff and clients.”

Outside of academia, and more specifically, within the janitorial industry, ProClean, in Maitland, FL, mentions a study that finds there is at least one deadly drug-resistant bacteria that can live on keyboards for up to 24 hours. Stathakis, in Farmington Hills, MI, points out that a properly cleaned and decontaminated office can substantially reduce employee absenteeism. And System4, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, offers the stark reminder that five-percent of patients in hospital settings contract additional infections because of germs in the facility. 

These are the things your clients can’t see, but they’re a critical part of what you do. How does this apply to janitorial inspection software? Here are a few under-the-surface ways that your software can help.

Inspections. This might seem obvious, but the most prominent feature of your janitorial inspections software is the first feature you can use to keep clients healthy. Simply ensuring that your team follows the checklist and doing their job thoroughly goes a long way toward a safe environment.

Follow-up. Whether its clients or your team, following up with either of them regarding concerns can improve a facility’s cleanliness. You can make notes or even add pictures to each inspection report, giving you all the information you need to go back and make sure everything is as it should be. 

Look ahead. As your team is working in a location, they may find issues that need attention even though they aren’t on your checklist or in your contract. User-friendly janitorial inspection software lets them note these issues so you can discuss it later with your client. 

Of course, there are more health and safety issues for your clients than just germs. Physical problems like wet floors, torn carpets, loose nails in hardwood floors, and leaky plumbing can all come up in an inspection. And though they may not be part of your team’s duties, making notes and bringing it to your client’s attention can prevent all kinds of health and safety issues. Not to mention, these can lead to costly repairs if they aren’t taken care of. 

Choosing your janitorial inspection software

Of course, if your software is impractical and difficult to use, neither you nor your clients will get any of these benefits. So how do you pick the right software for you? There are certainly a lot to choose from, and naturally, we’re a bit biased. That said, when we hear from janitorial professionals, these are the features that consistently come up as the most important in janitorial software of any kind. 

User-friendly. With entire teams accessing the software either for checklists, schedules, or more in-depth administrative tasks like running reports or reviewing accounts, your software must be simple enough for anyone to use. 

Cloud-based. No one wants to be limited by the location of an office computer. In today’s world, you need the ability to access things like your proposal templates or customer files wherever you are. 

Inventory tracking. For obvious reasons, this is a necessary feature. 

Equipment maintenance schedule. Like inventory, you can’t do your job without functioning equipment. 

Inspections app. Keep everything organized by location, create and save location templates, document and track issues, and get live reports. 

Messaging app. Make it easy for your clients to contact you or your team, save messages by location, and keep location-specific supply requests. 

Tracking and budgeting worksheets. Simple, easy, and accurate budgeting is one of the features our clients love. Even if you opt to use janitorial inspection software from someone other than us, be sure this is available. 

Excellent customer service. This is one of those make-it-or-break-it issues for any company. Whether you run a small janitorial business or a multi-location franchise, customer service is what ultimately pays your bills. You should expect just as much excellent service from your janitorial software company as you offer to your clients. 

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