If your janitorial work order process could use some fine-tuning, it might be time to add videos to the mix.

When you’re managing teams in different locations or at different times, the need to communicate through a janitorial work order is evident. Like anything in business, clear communication is the foundation on which everything else is built.

A work order, at its core, is a simple document. It’s just a description of the tasks you and your team need to complete. For janitorial teams, that may also include information such as the location of the facility, the date of the work, any special equipment needed, and the person responsible for ensuring the job is completed.

Of course, they can be more complex. You may have a janitorial work order that includes additional maintenance or repairs that go beyond the regular scope of the job. Some facilities may require special care or caution depending on the state of the building, the inhabitants, or the nature of the space, as in a medical facility.

In almost every case, work orders are written – either by hand or digital. And in most situations, that’s fine. Especially if your janitorial team has been with you for a while, your routine jobs probably won’t need detailed descriptions.

But for those complex situations where a written description doesn’t fully capture what the job entails, including videos can be a game-changer. A 5- or 10-second video can explain visually what would be challenging to share with just words.

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Janitorial Work Order

Make your janitorial work order a powerful part of your communication

Think about some of the more complicated situations you’ve been in. For example, maybe your walkthrough of a building included some poorly lit areas with tripping hazards or signs of rodent infestations. Perhaps you take care of maintenance issues, and there’s a hidden latch you need to access to change air filters.

Another great reason to add a video to a janitorial work order is in the case of “mystery sounds.” These can be difficult to correct since they are, by nature, inconsistent. However, capturing the sound on video and adding it to a work order makes it easier to diagnose and fix. For example, a squeaky door. These don’t need to be your videos, either. Your clients can send videos to you, and you can add them to a work order for your team.

In these and similar situations, it’s helpful if you can show your team what they need to be aware of. That’s where video is so valuable.

First though, if you want to add a video to a janitorial work order, it’s time to update your system and go digital if you haven’t already. Paper won’t cut it for this. There are other reasons, too, that digital work orders are helpful. You don’t have to worry that they’ll get left behind somewhere or fall into a mop bucket or that no one can read your writing.

Digital systems can help keep everything neat and clean, and organized. In addition, your team can access work orders from anywhere, and if questions come up, you can both look at them even if you’re far apart.

You could simply use a spreadsheet and text chains, but let’s be honest, that’s not always very organized. Our recommendation is to use dedicated janitorial software. Obviously, we’re biased and hope you would choose Janitorial Manager, but even if you don’t, here are some things to look for.

To begin, make sure the software you choose has an option to add videos to a janitorial work order. And ensure those videos can include sound. Part of the advantage of a video is that you can talk through a problem and show it to your team at the same time.

Next, make sure any software option you use is easy to learn. You don’t want to end up with something your team won’t use because it’s too cumbersome.

And one last thing that we recommend is that your janitorial software has an option for customer communication. For example, Janitorial Manager includes the JM Connect App, allowing location-based communications with customers. So they can upload pictures and videos and easily contact you or your on-site team. Similarly, you can connect with customers and your teams based on location. No more looking through the schedule to find out who ended up at which location or trying to track down phone numbers.

Your work orders are more than just a business expectation. They are a communication tool. And with video, they can be more helpful than ever.

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