Get all the steps, resources, and tools you need to win government cleaning bids

Small businesses around the country are scoring big with federal government contracts worth more than one trillion dollars each year. The janitorial field counts the U.S. Government as the largest source of business. You can be a part of these stats when you get your government cleaning bids submitted. You need only be persistent and follow the steps below to secure your organization’s contract. Here are six steps you can take to win a government cleaning contract easily. 

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Government Cleaning Bids

5 Steps to winning government cleaning bids for your company 

1. Register at the System for Award Management

Registration with the SAM system is required for a business to be a federal contractor. Registration is free, so get on this right away so that you can start submitting government cleaning bids.

2. Check for any certifications your business may be eligible for

The U.S. Small Business Administration has several contracting assistance programs that “help small businesses win at least 23 percent of all federal contracting dollars each year.” These include programs for women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and businesses owned by people who are “socially disadvantaged and economically disadvantaged.”

3. Join the HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program if qualified

Businesses located in “historically underutilized business zones” can apply to join the HUBZone program. If you qualify, you will land on a list of preferred vendors that can submit their government cleaning bids. The goal is to award at least three percent of federal contract dollars to businesses within this program.

4. Get an RFP and place your first bid

The RFP, or Request for Proposal, details everything included in a cleaning job. This is where every government cleaning contract begins. Make sure that your company can meet all the requirements and if so, submit your proposal. You can learn more about this by checking out our blog post on the best way to win a government bid. 

5. Register for all these resources and check them and make government cleaning bids regularly

3 More tips that will give you an advantage

The government has many entities that need your janitorial services. Make sure that you’re doing everything you can to acquire those contracts. To help you do so, here are a few tips to aid you in your search. 

Tip #1: Use a government-run online search tool

You can skip Google for this one! Go straight to the SAM system and look at “Contract Opportunities.” You can do a broad search, or click on the “advanced search” to narrow down your results to your state or even your zip code.

Tip #2 Be prepared and present yourself as knowledgeable 

You are knowledgeable, so this should be simple enough. Review the job description so you know exactly what to talk about and what questions to ask. Businesses that do this are likely to secure the contract.

Tip #3 Know the type of contract you’re bidding on 

There are several different types of government bids available. One of those is a one-time service contract that ends when the job is completed. Other agreements often last for more than a year, including service contracts. No matter the type of contract, working for the government is a great opportunity.

Small businesses are getting government cleaning contracts. It is a great way to grow your brand and network with others. Government contracts often mean guaranteed paychecks are headed your way. To help you bid the easy way, check out Bids on the Go Mobile App.

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