Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Nothing changes until something changes.”

This pithy statement, while irritatingly obvious, is also painfully true.

If you’ve personally experienced the persistent frustration of hiring and firing (or losing!) cleaners due to their poor performance or customer complaints, something has got to change… and soon. Your reputation and business’s success depends on it!

One Simple Change That Could Change Everything

Your cleaners won’t know what they don’t know about your expectations, unless you tell them. One way to accomplish this is by using a janitorial checklist.

Since each of your customers hires your team to accomplish different, specific tasks for them, your cleaners need to have very clear, consistent instructions to follow in order to be successful. It is not likely that any one of your employees will automatically or instinctively know these expectations from the start. So, a janitorial checklist is a helpful tool when it comes to on-boarding and training new cleaners, getting lackadaisical cleaners back on track, and providing a guide for your inspectors to keep in mind.

Janitorial Checklist – Training New Hires

When you bring on a new employee, it is essential that they get brought up to speed as quickly as possible. By having janitorial checklists prepared for each of your customer’s properties, you can more confidently train the new team members for the unique expectations at each location – without having to depend on their ability to absorb as much verbally-delivered information all at one time. This list remains constant and should be easily accessible as often as needed for the cleaner to refer to at any given time. (This is where technology comes in handy!)

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Janitorial Checklist – Improving Performance

It’s no surprise that employees can get a little complacent about their work. It can happen to all of us. However, requiring your cleaners check off each necessary task every time they clean a property helps to avoid the careless mistakes that come with halfhearted efforts. This requirement also establishes a standard for performance… if the task is marked as completed, but it’s poorly performed, corrective measures can be taken without the employee claiming ignorance of the task. Empowering your employees to succeed is key for maintaining good relationships with both cleaners and clients.

Check something off your list

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Janitorial Checklist – Establish Accountability

Hand-in-hand with using janitorial checklists to establish a standard for performance, is the ability to cross-check completed checklists with follow-up inspection reports. If your inspectors are coming up against sloppy or missed tasks that are included on the cleaner’s checklist for that property, the documentation of the tasks creates a clear way to point out the problem areas and provide correction or additional training. The janitorial checklist for each customer’s location should be used to create a customized inspections report for that additional layer of answerability to your client.

Change Your Process… See Change in Your Business

If you’re tired of having to retrain, remind and replace employees, something’s got to give. Taking the simple step of incorporating an online janitorial checklist may be the first step to take. To see how Janitorial Manager can help move your business forward, request a FREE demo of this affordable, easy-to-use software that can be customized just for you!

Nothing will change, until something changes. Make a change – connect with Janitorial Manager today!