JM continues to improve communication between cleaning professionals and the public.

Toledo, Ohio – Janitorial Manager (JM) has completed the development of public QR code notifications with live-time communication. Released earlier this year, Janitorial Manager’s public QR code feature, known as Scan4Clean, allows the public to view when an area was last cleaned, the cleaning tasks performed, and leave feedback. With the new development, the public can also request service or supplies along with leaving written feedback through the Scan4Clean QR Code system. Any feedback, requests, or comments are then instantly communicated to on-site staff.  Then, they can respond quickly keeping facilities clean and customers satisfied. Clean facilities are the mark of a healthy environment, and since the Covid-19 pandemic, public awareness and demand for knowledge on the cleanliness of facilities have increased.

“The new update to QR Codes with live time notifications provides a sense of security and trust between facility occupants and the cleaning staff.  Employees and the public will feel confident returning to workspaces and other facilities with this increased communication. This is an additional way of modernizing and continuing to elevate the respect of the cleaning professional.”

Jill Kellermeyer Kegler

Director of Business Development, Janitorial Manager

From handwashing to disinfecting surfaces, consumers have been going the extra mile to clean their homes. Cleaning supply spending jumped by 34% between February and September of 2020. According to Clorox, sales are still higher than pre-covid levels in 2021.

Consumers are ensuring their homes are a healthy and safe environment, but they can also help do the same in public places.

One of the most frequent places much the public spends their time is in the workplace. To assure employees that facilities are clean, The Cleveland Clinic recommends establishing strong communication between key stakeholders such as facility management and building occupants (employees). Or if cleaning is outsourced, contractors should meet with a designated leader of their client’s cleaning program.

That’s why in addition to supply and task requests, the public can use Scan4Clean to leave a rating. Cleaning staff will be alerted and can respond if the rating was low and view any comments that were left. With frequent communication, facilities can remain clean not only during the pandemic, or flu season, but all the time. Thanks to Janitorial QR codes from JM, a new standard of clean is here- for good.

Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, is a comprehensive cleaning maintenance and management software solution that helps Building Service Contractors and In-House Service Providers achieve operational, managerial, and service results. Focused on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving performance, JM aids users in managing employees, inventory, inspections, work orders, communications, budgeting, and more in one easy-to-use cloud-based program that is accessible via desktop and smart devices.

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