Quality is a buzzword of sorts in the janitorial service industry. Customers look for it, businesses strive to provide it, employees are expected to deliver on it, and competitors try to offer more of it than you!

Quality : ˈkwälədē  
“The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind;
The degree of excellence of something.”

In the janitorial industry, where quality is king, how can you objectively and consistently measure whether you’re actually delivering a quality service, or not? Smart inspections software.

Why Smart Inspection Software?

Smart inspections software not only eliminates the hassles of carrying pens, clipboards and paper copies of checklists, but replaces those things with simple-to-use, results-focused, web-based inspections reporting. Since mobile devices are equipped with cameras, they lend themselves to documenting problem areas and providing time-stamped proof of corrections made. This quick and easy approach to capturing inspection information allows supervisors to use their mobile device to input data while onsite, and the results are immediately delivered to you and/or to your customer!

This modern approach to janitorial inspections checklists virtually eliminates the paper trail between the office, the work vehicle, cleaning locations, and back again! Taking away this inefficiency improves time management, reduces costs, enriches data accuracy, and enhances overall quality of performance.

Establish A Standard with Smart Inspection Software

It’s a typical tactic for a child to ask their mom for a cookie, and after being told to wait until after dinner, Little Johnny goes to ask his dad, instead. After receiving an affirmative response from Dad, Little Johnny quickly learns that the standard of, “No cookies before dinner,” is not set in stone. It just depends on who he asks!

When it comes to ensuring that your commercial cleaning crew actually abides by the standard of quality service to your customers every time, smart inspections software holds the boundaries of that standard, no matter who is completing the inspection or who performed the cleaning. This consistency of expectations translates into consistent cleaning quality and avoids inspection variances, mistakes, and missed assignments.

Stay Ahead of the Game

The smart reporting feature of web-based inspections software gives you the chance to be aware of issues right away, rather than finding out weeks later, after a paper inspection document is completed, submitted, and (eventually) reviewed. Or, even worse, only finding out after the customer has filed a complaint!

Automatically produced reports give you the ability to monitor improvements and establishes a trackable level of accountability for your employees and supervisors. These instantly accessible reports can automatically make you aware of quality issues, allowing you to promptly communicate with your team via the software to correct the problem, and preempt receiving that negative customer feedback.

Become a Master at Measuring Results!

Gone are the days of guessing at productivity, performance, and profitability. The straight-forward and easy to understand reporting from smart inspections software gives you actionable data right at your fingertips! You can easily configure each customer’s dashboard with just the information that you want to see at a glance. These automated reports give you trends that you can utilize to improve quality of service, whether that entails employee performances, supplies usage, P/L trends, and more!

Meet Customers’ Unique Quality Standards with Smart Inspections Software

Each customer you work for – whether in the medical industry, office environment, or hospitality sector – each has their own standard of what quality levels of cleanliness looks like. Each of their spaces feature different floorplans, are made of different materials, and each has their own schedule of needs.

Smart inspections software allows you to quickly and easily adjust to the expectations that each customer has of your team. The software can be configured to indicate each facility’s exact cleaning specifications, based on industry, buildings, rooms, and area types that are specific to each customer.

By knowing what your customers are looking for – and being able to customize your inspections software to check the work performed in those specific areas – you are able to deliver on the level of quality results they are looking for!

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