Profits are not what they used to be in the commercial cleaning industry. Every company has ‘something’ to offer these days, so you may find yourself scrambling, wondering what you can do to increase your revenue. On the one hand, most companies don’t realize where they falter – whether it be wasting inventory, poor time management or a lack of organization, there are always areas that can be improved upon. On the other hand, your company may be doing just fine when it comes to your bottom line, but you may be wondering how long that will last, or if you’re doing everything you can to make sure you stay successful. No matter which end you find yourself on, let us show you one tool any cleaning company should be using: Commercial Cleaning Software.

While there are plenty of ways commercial cleaning software can help increase your business profits, here are three specific areas where your company could use some upgrades:

Increase Productivity – No work means no money

One of the main ways this type of software can increase your bottom line is by organizing your business for maximum productivity. Using a calendar isn’t anything new, but when you have everything organized and scheduled through a software program, it’s easier to see everything you need to see – employee and client schedules, work orders, inspections – you can even have birthdays or anniversaries listed. You can view the calendar in the format that will best help you stay organized – day, week, month, or even as an agenda, and you can color-code each item or each client so you can take one look and know what needs to be done each day. Apart from the calendar, there are also sections specifically designated for work order management and inspections – if you have to manage employees, clients and inspections, you can understand why having each area broken down and organized could make your job a whole lot easier. Need to print a list of work orders from last week? Done. Have a client who needs an invoice printed right away? It’s there. Need to know whether or not an inspection has been completed on time? Yes, that too. Having any necessary information at your fingertips will not only increase your company’s productivity, it will save you time, which means it will save you money!

Know Profitability – Make every account count

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the cleaning industry, or any industry, you know that there will always be good clients and not-so-good clients. You have clients on every part of the spectrum – ones that are organized, pay what they should, when they should, and then you have ones that are probably losing you money and draining your business. What if you could see exactly which clients are the good ones (the most profitable) and which are the bad ones (the least profitable)? Look no further – commercial cleaning software can help you do just that. You can look at the revenue each client brings in and the expenses you have from each one with one click, showing you the profits and losses of each. No one likes having an unprofitable client, but unless you can see the actual numbers without sorting through files on your desk or looking up old invoices, you may never know which clients fall into that category. You can confidently approach these clients with the necessary changes to improve the amount of profit they bring in, or you can try to find better, more profitable clients to take their place.

Manage Inventory – Know what you have

Not keeping tabs on your inventory is the easiest way for your company to lose money. Whether you’re using the wrong suppliers, the wrong products or the wrong budgeting techniques, this is the main area where cleaning companies can see immediate improvement. Your commercial software should help you keep all of this information organized so when a problem arises, you can automatically see what needs to be fixed. No matter how many suppliers you use for the products you work with, you can keep track of each expense, how often you’re spending money and where you might be able to cut back. Being able to see your cost versus your budget with one click will save you more money (and time), rather than trying to keep up with the information on your own. You can also see detailed usage charts, which can help you figure out whether or not you should keep using a certain product. Each job you do is important – make sure you’re not losing money because you don’t know what you have to best complete each job.

The Bottom Line? Use the Right Commercial Cleaning Software!

Your bottom line is your priority – if you’re not using commercial cleaning software, then you’re not doing everything you can to ensure success for your business. If you’re still trying to decide which software to use, contact us at Janitorial Manager – we can not only meet all of your business needs, but we can answer your questions and give you peace of mind about taking this step to improve and increase that bottom line! Get a free demo today!