Owning a business in this economy is hard. Whether large or small, every business has felt the sting of increased competition and decreased margins. If you own a commercial cleaning company, these changes seem to come faster and faster, and finding new business is more challenging than ever. You have worked so hard to maintain integrity without sacrificing service, but sometimes you feel like your hands are tied. So what do you do? How do you increase your revenue while maintaining excellent customer service AND hold on to your sanity? There’s one easy answer: Janitorial Service Software.

Janitorial Service Software

It may sound too simple, but let’s think about how much time, energy, organization, inventory and (most importantly) money goes into the cleaning services your business provides. It’s a whole lot, right? Now imagine having a service software program that can handle the majority of the work for you, and can show you profits, loses, budgeting and expenses in a highly detailed, easy to understand format. These are just some of the ways this type of software can save and make you money – here are a few more ways using janitorial service software can help you.

  1. Stop the insanity!

Clients, work orders, inventory, oh my! Take the stress out of the money side of your business with the organizational tools available to you in janitorial service software. Scheduling, client lists, inspections and more can all be handled efficiently and effectively. You can also view an expense breakdown for any client for any given time frame – you can see the profit margin firsthand, which could help you determine who your best clients are, and maybe those you should say goodbye to.  

  1. Make (and keep) your customers happy.

Customer service is such a broad subject, but when it’s not done well, everyone knows it. Think about your most profitable clients – do they handle their customers well? Do people recommend them to others? The easiest way to increase profits is by giving your clients the best service possible. Because a lot of good customer service techniques have gone out the window in recent years, if you go above and beyond, your company will outshine your competition, and those happy customers will stay with you. For example – remembering names, birthdays or anniversaries may seem somewhat tedious, but when you have a place in your software program just for that information, you have the opportunity to show your commitment to your clients.

  1. Offer the best value.

Commercial cleaning budgets are not what they used to be. Companies are scrutinizing every dollar they spend, and they know how to recognize value. Your customers will be more willing to spend their resources on you if they feel like you’re worthy of their time and attention. By keeping detailed information for each client, whether it be the inspections done, the time spent or the inventory used, you are helping them save time and money, which will, in turn, save you time and money! There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies utilizing shady methods to make money – cutting corners, skimping on inventory, overcharging for inadequate services, etc. Make sure you do everything you can to offer the best.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the business world – money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Are you utilizing every tool available to you to help your business succeed? If you’re not using a janitorial service software, contact us at Janitorial Manager. We can help you make the most of your business. Call for a FREE DEMO today!