Some could argue that one of the most important tasks your team performs for your customers is inspections.

Sure, the cleaning part is essential (that’s why you’re in business!) But inspections are the activities that ensure that the job is done right, it’s done well, and that if there is a problem, you can catch it before your customer does!

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There’s an Inspection App for That

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t have time for a thousand words every time something goes wrong on an inspection line item. But you do have time to look at a quick pic taken in real-time that illustrates exactly what you need to know at the moment.

Incorporating an inspection app that allows your inspectors to capture and include photos is a modern, effective and affordable way to make sure that you are making the most of the data collected during these after-cleaning reviews.

Inspection app photos enhance your ability to collect real-time data, which then helps save time, address training issues, prepare for complaints and document important information.

Save Time

If you choose to keep using a system that does not fit into the fast pace of your life, you’ll fall behind.

Ask yourself:
How many inspections reports are currently sitting in my “need to look at” stack(s) in my office? How far back are these pages likely dated? How many times have my cleaners scored low marks on the same, repetitive issue over that amount of time?

Rather than having to spend hours poring over pages and creating spreadsheets of backdated information, an inspection app allows you to easily pop open an automated report that will show you individual cleaners’ performance overviews, inspection scores for locations, areas of persistently poor ratings and more!

Quality Control is key. Don’t let poor quality cost you clients.

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Address Training Issues

Without a photo of what your inspector was looking at to rate the job the way he/she did, you’ll never know what he or she saw. When you allow weeks’ and weeks’ worth of inspections reports to pile up, there is no way that you can go back and visually see the issue that earned poor marks. When you can’t see it, you can’t fix it:

  • Maybe your inspection reports show that mopped floors are always cloudy and getting poor scores. This could be a cleaning product training issue – one that can be easily and quickly fixed, once you know about it!
  • One of your employees may always be marked low on taking the trash out. This is a problem that could be fixed simply by walking her through the facility and reminding her where each trashcan is located.
  • Perhaps the upper portions of the windows are never as clean as the lower portions. Once this anomaly is recognized, you can ask your cleaning crew if they need taller ladders or longer handles on the squeegees.

Using an inspection app that allows your cleaning inspectors to attach photos to their reports gives you the insights you need to make quick fixes that make a big difference in your customers’ satisfaction.

Prepare for Complaints

How often have you had to handle an agitated complaint from a client about a problem that your inspection team marked on their report, but which you haven’t had the time to look at or fix yet? The call catches you off guard, and you can only take the customers’ word for what they’re seeing.

However, using an inspection app that takes pictures, you can see all issues in real-time on the inspections report. Then, when a customer calls, you can flip open your laptop, tablet or smartphone and do a quick search through that customer’s portal in the app’s Cloud storage. When you locate the appropriately dated inspections report for that customer’s complaint, you can visually see the situation at a quick glance and be up-to-speed at a moment’s notice.

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Document Important Info

We don’t like it, but individual biases and laziness can creep into inspections’ reports if there isn’t a clear structure in place for accuracy and accountability. You’ve probably seen those inspections sheets that are obviously thoughtlessly completed. You know, the ones where all the checkmarks look exactly the same all the way down the same column and no clarifying details are jotted into the comments section to explain anything?

It’s useless information.

Realize, there are situations where accurately completed reports – including photos – could protect you from a lawsuit or a lost client! For example, if you have to let an employee go based on persistently low marks on inspections reports, you have dated documentation that validates that decision. The photos within the app serve as supporting evidence for the low marks, proving there is no bias involved.

On the flipside of the same coin, when you want to reward employees for a job well done, you can quickly search through automated compiled reports over time that show the staff members with the highest marks!

Equip Yourself to Succeed

If inspections truly are one of the most important functions of your business used to save time, address training issues, prepare for complaints, and document important information, you need an automated system to help!

Request a FREE DEMO of Janitorial Manager today, and see how much simpler the process can be and how much more successful your business can be!