Cars. Radio. Television. Microwaves. Internet. Smartphones.

Each is an invention that cultivated and encouraged mankind’s expectation for near-instant gratification, awareness, and response.

The individuals that you bring on as customers for your commercial cleaning business are people, first and foremost. They come pre-wired with these highly-developed expectations of immediacy and prompt attention to their needs. When you are unprepared to do so, you run the risk of watching your customers switch to a commercial cleaning provider who is.

One way to ensure your ability to meet your customers’ real-time needs is to have a strong inventory management software.

Following the “Goldilocks Principle”

Inventory management software provides you with a real-time access point from anywhere that helps you always have enough of what you need – not too little (creating ill-equipped employees and frustrated customers), but not too much (which causes an unnecessary hit to your bottom line).

When you are able to consistently maintain the happy medium between the two extremes, the result is happy customers and a healthier profit. Not too little, and not too much = the Goldilocks Principle. Failure to follow the rule means mismanaged inventory, disappointed customers, slower profits and excessive cash tied up in storage closets.


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Quick Response is King

Studies show that 41% of cleaning managers regularly fear customer dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is their primary worry when considering their general concerns for their business.

Staying on top of everything all the time is difficult.

Hence, inventory management software should be a key tool of your trade. The software helps allay your fear of failing customers and sets you up for success in their eyes. When “situations” occur, though – and they will occur – you need to be able to make quick decisions that are accurate and appropriate for the need.


Quality Control is key. Don’t let poor quality cost you clients.

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Inventory Management Software Solutions

Modern inventory management software should not only track your available inventory, but should also allow your customers to submit work orders on the fly when such situations arise. When used properly, inventory management software keeps you aware of what you already have and what you need to order to replenish supplies. You end up with the supplies needed to fulfill work orders as quickly as possible. Without the software, you end up having to either physically visit the location to get a handle on the existing supplies or risk over-ordering supplies that you already had on-hand. These reactions make you seem unprofessional and unprepared to your employees and customers and are a waste of your time and money.

With regular use, you can stay up-to-date on what is available in each of your locations, predict how much you’ll use in the near future and be able to reorder before you run out of a product. An inventory management software should allow you to see all these moving parts of your operation in real-time. This allows you to make better decisions, maintain well-equipped employees, and create happier customers.


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Be Prepared to Respond to Reality

Your supply costs can eat up 10% of your bottom line. Tracking it with an affordable inventory management software can help make sure that you’re not over budget and that you’re maintaining an appropriate level of supplies versus consumables usage per client.

If you’re not confident that your software can support your efforts to immediately (and accurately) react to real-time work order situations or field requests, it’s time to connect with the experts at Janitorial Manager for a FREE DEMO today!