Looking to stay on top of the latest news and insights in commercial cleaning? Check out these janitorial blog resources.

One of the most important disciplines in any business is to continue learning. Commercial cleaning is no different. Technological advancements, industry trends, new developments in compliance, and the latest products are just some of the things professional cleaners might want to track on a regular basis.

Finding the information, however, can be a challenge. Much of what’s out there exists in forums, which can be more frustrating than helpful. Some blog posts go unmoderated and spend more time trying to sell you something than providing you useful information. Many of the free janitorial blog resources available are outdated or completely abandoned. And who has time to sift through all the weeds to find the flowers?

Oh, look. We do.

Janitorial Blog Resources

Where to find janitorial blogs

Before we share some helpful janitorial blog resources with you, it might be helpful to know how to find such resources on your own should you wish to branch out even further. The first place to start if Google. When you search for information, make sure that you try a couple of different search terms and scroll through at least the first three pages of results. Sometimes quality information gets buried in there.

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Another place to look is professional cleaning organizations. These exist on both local and national levels, and they may provide you with access to publications, papers, and other janitorial blog resources you might not find elsewhere. Some associations are specific to a particular niche within the cleaning industry, so make sure you’ve done your homework before signing up to become a member.

Part of the reason we’re putting the emphasis on janitorial blog resources is that as long as they’re active, blogs tend to be updated regularly, even as often as a few times a week. The posts are usually short and easily digestible, and they’re a great way to stay on top of industry news without having to sift through all the pages of a trade publication.

In fact, if you’re in the industry and you’re not keeping a blog, you might want to think about doing so. For starters, a blog can significantly increase the web traffic you get to your site, which hopefully results in more customers for you. Secondly, having your own blog establishes you as an expert and leader within your industry (as long as it’s done professionally). Finally, blogs and other social media content, whether we like it or not, are the future of information sharing. The longer you wait to get on board, the more catching up you’re going to have to do.

Janitorial Blog Resources

How to start your own janitorial blog

The good news is that starting your own blog is easier than it may seem, even if you’re not very tech-savvy. Services like Blogspot and WordPress have pre-packaged blog templates and walkthroughs that can help you get something up and running in a short period of time. Or, if you have a little money to invest, there are many freelance developers who specialize in blog design. They’ll likely be a little pricey, but it’s worth it when you have a sleek, professional-looking blog to share with the world.

And of course, you need something to write about. The best way to start here is to write about what you know. Forget about whether or not it’s been written elsewhere before. Write posts you feel are informative and help connect people more deeply with the industry. Try to steer away from posts that are too personal or that stray off topic. Consistency is one of the keys to blogging.

Janitorial Blog Resources

10 janitorial blog resources

Now that you’ve got some background on the current state of the blogosphere, check out some of these janitorial blog resources that are doing it right. Notice that they don’t all call themselves blogs, which can be confusing. But any site that has regularly updated articles or posts about a specific topic or industry is usually considered a blog.

One final word of caution: Blog resources are super helpful, but take them with a grain of salt. Writing and posting a blog article doesn’t automatically make it valid information. If something sounds odd, fact-check by seeing if you can find the same information elsewhere. If you can’t, there’s a good chance you’ve got a bum resource.

And now, without further delay, here are ten janitorial blog resources to get you started.

1. American Institute for Cleaning Sciences – Establishing standards to improve the professional performance of the cleaning industry

2. Custodial World – Sharing information on cleaning-related health and custodial topics

3. Cleaning and Maintenance Management – Produced by the worldwide cleaning industry association, ISSA

4. Services Magazine – The exclusive magazine for the building service contracting industry

5. CleanLink – An information resource for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals

6. Cleanfax Magazine – Providing cleaning and restoration professionals with information designed to help them manage and grow their businesses

7. eClean Magazine – The professional contract cleaners online resource

8. Cleaning Business – Combining the latest in tools and techniques with an equal balance of the best business practices

9. Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine – The only official magazine of The Cleaning Show

10. Tomorrow’s Cleaning – Providing you with the latest cleaning news, exclusive content, advice, products and the latest job vacancies – all available online.

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