Competition is everywhere, and the janitorial industry is no exception. Every time you think your business is in the clear, a new start-up comes around, vying for your customers and giving you a headache! While you know what your company can bring to the table, sometimes the pressure of improvement and growth can be hard to deal with, and continually facing the competition doesn’t help. You know it’s time to make some changes, but what will help your company stand out? How can you navigate the churning waters of the cleaning industry to ensure future success? If you want to excel, it’s time to stand out. Here are 7 ways to differentiate your janitorial company from every other one out there:

Find your niche

When you try to serve everyone, you serve no one – this is especially true with service-based businesses.

Adapting your business model or approach for a wide variety of customers is not cost effective, and it makes it harder for people to know if your company is the right fit. Do you specialize in something – the thing that you do better than anyone else? Focus everything on that one thing, and potential customers will know right away what your company is about and if you’re the right choice for them.


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Provide the best service possible

Plenty of businesses say that service is what makes them different, but just saying it is not enough. You have to deliver extraordinary service that your customers can’t get anywhere else. If you’re not sure how to improve, do your research – find resources to help you, talk to leaders in your field, attend a training conference. Providing the best service starts with you.

Ask questions

Whether it’s your customers, your employees or even your competitors, get some feedback about the services you currently provide. Why did that customer hire you? What drew that employee to work for you? Why did a customer choose that company over yours? Sometimes receiving feedback can be discouraging, especially if it’s negative, but you won’t know what areas need improvement unless you ask. You can create a survey, send out an email campaign, or provide your customers with comment cards so you know specific ways you can improve your services.


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Do janitorial business differently

If you want to stand out from your competitors, it pays to do business differently than they do. It may feel somewhat dishonest, but finding and taking advantage of weaknesses in a competitor’s business model can be an effective way to set your company apart. If a competitor is deficient in their communication with their customers, you call them daily. If they use cheaper products, you buy better ones. If the quality of their work is lacking, then you go the extra mile. You can always find a way to show that your company is the better choice.

Market a cause

This is a little more difficult in the janitorial industry, but if you can find a way to give back to your community, market that everywhere you go! Today’s business culture is all about giving back, and customers will come flocking to you if you have a cause you’re passionate about beyond making money. It won’t take much to find a need in your area, and helping others is always a good option. Support breast cancer research, give a portion of your proceeds to a local charity, participate in a service activity with your staff – whatever you choose, make it applicable to your community and that will attract a whole new group of clientele.


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Try something new

When it comes to standing apart from your competition, it may take some outside-the-box thinking on your part. Maybe it’s creating a website for your business, or setting up social media profiles on multiple sites to increase your field of influence. Look into options like Facebook or LinkedIn to put your company out there, or hire someone to increase your marketing potential.

Upgrade your tech

New technology is everywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your business is relevant in today’s tech culture. If you’ve never considered using technology to manage your day-to-day dealings, it’s time! There are plenty of options out there, but janitorial software is by far one of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your business. This type of software can help you organize your calendar, communicate with your customers, schedule inspections, manage your budget and so much more. Most janitorial software programs are cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere, and they usually offer an app so you can have all of your information on any device, available to you at any time.

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