A Michael Jordan Year: 23 New Enhancements

2021 has been a busy year of enhancements for Janitorial Manager. This year we added 23 new enhancements to the software- the most we’ve ever released in a single year. But we couldn’t have had a Michael Jordan year without our customers!

Our customers are our greatest motivators and we are thrilled to help improve the cleaning operations of BSCs and In-House Providers from around the world. In fact, many of our enhancements are generated by feedback directly from our customers.

To recap this year, below are just some of the popular enhancements that we made to the system in 2021. You can click on any of the features below to learn more.


New Features

  • Scan4Clean – This allows you to communicate and improve your quality of clean. Employees can scan a QR code to view a checklist of cleaning procedures and document results. The public can scan QR codes to view when an area was last cleaned, provide feedback, or request service.
  • Mobile Bidding – Built for BSCs, this feature allows you to quickly create bids equipped with photos and other details during on-site walkthroughs with a potential customer. Then, a professional proposal can be sent to the prospect following the visit.
  • Timekeeping Kiosk – Allows employees who are not tech-savvy or don’t own a smartphone the ability to clock in and out on a single, shared device (such as a tablet).
  • Work Order Videos – Let’s you gain a better understanding of maintenance issues and improve your documentation. Simply take a video of the issue and attach it to a work order.
  • Who’s Working – Helps you find coverage for a job by pinpointing the nearest employee. On JM Connect, instantly see nearby employees clocked in and out.
  • Mobile Calendar – Using JM Connect, eliminate the guesswork and stay organized. JM’s Mobile Calendar lets you see where and when your employees are scheduled for the day.
  • Automatic Time Punch – Lets managers automatically clock employees in and out by updating a few settings in advance. Simply set it and forget it. This feature is perfect for employees who don’t own a smartphone or for employees who are paid by the job.

What Customers Are Saying

“We advertise that we use Janitorial Manager, big time. And in our bidding proposals, we have put in what the customer can use, what's the benefit to them, how they can use it, and all the features. So, it's definitely a selling point.”

– Aaron Bond, Manager of Operation, Kidron Janitorial Corp.

“Janitorial manager is like our Bible. Everything should be in there. Everyone should be using it. That’s a lifesaver for our operations…for everything we do.”

– Angelica Catano, CEO, Star Building Services

“This thing does it all, and I am seriously wondering how I got along without it.”

– Rashaii R.

“We reached out to a total of five different vendors and sat through tutorials and worked with different people. And for us, it was a no-brainer for Janitorial Manager after I researched and did the tutorials. The entire staff seemed to understand our needs.”

– Tiffany Walls, Assistant Property Manager, ShareMD Asset Management

“The timekeeping feature within JM has quickly become the most valuable tool for our company. It makes our payroll process a lot quicker, more efficient, and with much fewer errors.”

– Amy S.

We Thank YOU

So, to all our customers who have provided feedback and helped make JM great this year, THANK YOU! Please keep the ideas flowing.

But we’re not done yet!

In 2022 we have even more enhancements coming that will strengthen your cleaning operation like never before. We’re just getting started. Stay tuned…

Happy Holidays!


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