Toledo, Ohio – Janitorial Manager (JM) has announced their latest release, the Timekeeping Kiosk. The Timekeeping Kiosk allows employees to clock in and out using a single, shared device- like a tablet. The reason for the feature development was simple- give employees who lack digital literacy (or don’t own a smartphone) an easy and efficient way to clock in and out.

The new feature assigns employees a personalized Reference ID code that is entered into the timekeeping device. With their time punch instantly recorded, managers have precise timekeeping data when performing payroll. Mangers also no longer have to handle timekeeping discrepancies (like if employees report user issues while clocking in and out on a mobile device).

“Our customers have asked for a simple and secure way for their technologically challenged employees to clock in while gathering valuable data to perform accurate payroll. The Timekeeping Kiosk is another asset in our comprehensive list of solutions we bring to our clients.”

– Jill Kellermeyer Kegler, Vice President of Business Development, Janitorial Manager

After all, even though Pew Research states that 85% of Americans use a smartphone, not all are digitally literate. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 17% of U.S Adults with a high school diploma between the ages of 16-65 are digitally illiterate. And 41% of Americans in the same age group, who have less than a high school diploma, are also digitally illiterate. Formal education is not required to be a commercial cleaner, so many fall into both of those categories. That’s why having easy solutions that bridge the digital literacy gap can be helpful for employees and managers alike.

But it’s not just time punch speed and simplicity that’s resolved with the Timekeeping Kiosk. It’s also addressing security hurdles.

To keep sensitive and classified information safe, many businesses, and public & private institutions, prohibit the use of personal devices (such as smartphones). While this is a wise policy, it is difficult for BSCs and In-House Providers to manage employee timekeeping. But now it’s easier than ever. BSCs and In-House Providers can propose to their clients and institutions that their employees’ clock in/out on one device that is not a personal device. That means that managers no longer have to rely on their employees recording their time punches on timesheets- which are prone to manual errors.

Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, is a comprehensive cleaning maintenance and management software solution that helps Building Service Contractors and In-House Service Providers achieve operational, managerial, and service results. Focused on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving performance, JM aids users in managing employees, inventory, inspections, work orders, communications, budgeting, and more in one easy-to-use cloud-based program that is accessible via desktop and smart devices.


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