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Here’s a quick look back at ISSA Show North America 2021 as experienced by the JM team.

ISSA North America 2021 in Summary

ISSA Show North America 2021 was hosted in-person in Las Vegas and ran from November 15th to 18th. With uncertainty due to new COVID-19 variants and subsequent precautions, there was a lower number of vendors and attendees present than in recent years (excluding 2020, which was hosted virtually).

However, while it might not have been the usual turnout, most vendors and attendees found the show more than worthwhile and quite enjoyable. People who participated found their conversations to be longer and more in-depth.

Boc Blog Post Note

Attendees came out seeking ways to grow and better their operations with more effective products and software solutions.

Janitorial Manager Booth At Issa North America 2021

Everyone’s efforts were hugely supported by the coffee at a Dunkin Donuts located in the convention center and if you didn’t try a free ride in one of the Teslas back to the monorail, you were missing out. 

From great speakers, like Justin Clark and our very own Jill Kellermeyer-Kegler, to figuring out who had the softest carpet squares, attendees and vendors alike were able to catch up, meet, show off their businesses, and exchange ideas at the biggest event of the year.

In the end, ISSA North America reminded us all of the value of the cleaning industry, not just for the safety and health that it brings, but for the people. This industry is full of welcoming and genuine individuals who share their knowledge and continuously learn in order to better the industry as a whole.

What JM Brings to the Table

There are many new and existing software solutions on the market right now, especially with the shifts the world has gone through with remote work. 

Janitorial Manager sets itself apart by being built by industry professionals specifically for the industry and is arguably one of the most feature-inclusive systems out there. It’s also extremely customizable to your operations. 

Pick and choose from features like JM Inspections, work loading and bidding, JM Connect, Scan4Clean QR Codes, and more.

This year we attended ISSA North America with 6 team members. We saw many faces, from current customers to people seeking information and even those who had first been introduced to JM years ago when we were just getting started.

Trade Show Booth For Janitorial Manager

Our system is always being updated, to run even more efficiently and to meet the changing needs of the industry and it’s supported by our internal customer support teams throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Have any questions? Learn more and even read how other industry professionals have found success using it.

About Our Guest(s):

Archie Heinl

Archie Heinl

President of Janitorial Manager

Archie Heinl is the President of Janitorial Manager and has been working in the software-as-a-service space for many years. Through long years of dedication and a willingness to work with customers to find a solution, he’s developed a great reputation as a reliable and compassionate leader. 

Janitorial Manager is a robust software solution built specifically for the cleaning industry to help streamline and more efficiently manage operations. It’s also customizable to your needs and you only pay for what you need. You will then work closely with our account managers and customer success teams to get the system up and running smoothly throughout your business.

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