Release Notes 1/2/19

We’re excited to announce the newest software updates to Janitorial Manager!


New Year, new software updates! Check out the list of software updates that we’ve implemented for 2019:

1. Actual vs. Budget Report –

We’ve created a new report that displays total budgeted time within a given date range for each location and actual time recorded through timekeeper. This update includes an update on locations to specify budgeted weekly or monthly time.

2. Employee Wages –

You can now designate multiple job classifications and wages for each employee.

3. Travel Time Cap –

You can now set a maximum travel time between jobs. This update is reflected in the In-Between Travel report.

4. Set Password –

You can now choose a password for users when adding a new employee.

Thanks for using Janitorial Manager. If you’re curious about our most recent updates, check out our release notes. Let us know how you’re enjoying the new updates in the comment section below.