• Consumables Calculator – We have launched a new Consumables Calculator to help you effectively anticipate inventory quantities and costs associated with purchasing consumable items.
  • Bidding Calculator – The new Bidding Calculator allows you to determine an accurate bid based on the ISSA cleaning time standards. Once the bid has been determined, a custom proposal can be generated to quickly and easily send to clients.
  • Mobile work orders – Work orders are now available on the JM Connect mobile app. Users can create, edit, schedule, and complete Work Orders remotely from their device.
  • Recurring Work Orders – Work Orders can now be set up to recur weekly for specified days of the week. These are split into a different tab than one-time Work Orders.
  • Schedule Dashboard – A new dashboard has been created to visualize upcoming employee schedules for each location. This dashboard can be filtered to show specific employees, customers, locations, and within a given date range.
  • Tools menu – This new menu contains ISSA, Consumable, and Bid calculators if they are enabled for your account.
  • Account Settings – The Account settings have been relocated to a gear icon on the top right of the screen.