Approving Supply Requests on JM Connect

A new icon has been added to the JM Connect mobile: Approve Supply Request. This feature allows Managers to update supply requests to Complete from the JM Connect app.


Face Recognition

Janitorial Manager’s new Face Recognition feature verifies that the correct employee is clocking in or out at their scheduled location.

  • Managers are able to save one or many photos of employees to use as a reference to verify their identity when clocking in or out.
  • The Clock-in/Clock-out report in the Janitorial Manager web application has been updated to include a “Face Status” column. This column shows whether the face matched or not for each time punch. Any that do not match are saved as pending punches until they are approved or declined by a manager. Pending time punches will not be recorded on payroll until approved.

This is an add-on feature. If you’d like to add Face Recognition to your account, contact Janitorial Manager support at (567) 803-0096 or support@localhost.