New updates on the JM Connect app:

  • Rearranged and new icons
  • New icons:
    • Alerts: A new icon has been added that will display alerts for late in, late out, and missing punches for managers.
    • Employee Messages: A new icon has been added that allows employees to send individual messages to each other. Employees will have access to message other employees that are trained in any of the same locations.
    • Employee Directory: The employee directory, available for managers only, will display the employee hire date, recorded incidents, and latest timecard entries. Swipe left on the employee name to view information.
      • Attendance Incidents – Within the Employee Directory, managers are able to record employee incidents right from their phone.  Incidents such as (Late, Left Early, Called Off, No Call No Show, Sick, etc). Swipe left on an employee to view or start a new incident.
    • Client Directory: The client directory will display the location’s address and map, instructions, contact details, and latest timecard entries at that location. Swipe left on the location name to view information or start a conversation via phone, text, or email. Managers will see all of this information, and employees have access to address and map, and instructions.
  • Updates:
    • Who’s Working: Who’s Working in JM Connect has been updated to include a time and date stamp for the most recent shift below each employee’s name.

Automatic Clock Out:

In the Janitorial Manager website, new settings have been added that will automatically clock out employees after a given amount of time. All time punches with an automatic clock out will display as pending, and will not be included in payroll, until a manager approves the shift from the Timecard report.

  • Default Account Setting: By default, all employees will be clocked out if a shift exceeds 12 hours. This company default can also be changed.
  • Location Setting: The auto clock out can be adjusted per location, which will override the default 12 hour setting. The setting can be found in Customers > Manage Locations.
  • Shift Setting: The auto clock out can be adjusted for a particular shift, which will override any location setting in place and the default 12 hour setting. This can be found in Customers > Manage Schedule.