Voice Messages

Voice Messages allows users to create recorded or automated audio messages for delivery through the time keeping call in system. When an employee clocks in by calling in, they will hear any new messages. Messages can be Global, Location specific or Employee Specific. These messages are currently not delivered to employees that clock in through the app.

To create or manage existing voice messages, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner and select Manage Voice Messages.

Multiple employee clock in on one call

The time keeping call in system now allows multiple employees to clock in or out during one call. When an employee completes their clock in or out by calling in, they will be then prompted to enter the next employee’s ID.

This feature must be enabled on your account to be available. If you’re interested in adding this option, please contact Janitorial Manager support.

New Dashboard

A new dashboard is now available, Schedule Dashboard By Location. This allows you view all scheduled shifts for each location, so you can ensure that every location is properly covered and see who is assigned to each location.