User Access – The User Information section in Employee Maintenance has been updated. The “No Access” User Type has been removed, and replaced with two checkboxes to allow or disable access for Web and Mobile.

Checklist Updates

  • A new option has been added to the Customers dropdown: Global Checklist. By creating a Global Checklist, you are making the checklist available to copy to any location. This saves a considerate amount of setup time if you are using the same, or a similar, checklist in multiple locations.
  • Any checklist can now be made day specific. When setting up a checklist, you can optionally click the checkbox “Make Day Specific,” then choose the day(s) you would like the checklist to be available for use. The checklist will be hidden in the JM Connect app any days that are not selected.

Inventory Updates

  • Supplies can now be assigned to locations. This simplifies supply requests, as well as allows for different markups on items based on location.
  • A customer filter dropdown has been added to the Supply Usage Maintenance Page
  • A “Mark as Completed” button is available next to any mobile supply requests displayed in the web portal. This updates the status to Completed when clicked.