Scan4Clean for the Next Normal

The Scan4Clean QR codes have evolved further to give you and your customers the critical data you need to track, validate, and communicate clean. This new feature allows your employees to share a checklist assigned to a QR Code. They scan the QR code you have developed and mark activities as completed on their smart device. You then know who performed what task at what time and have robust reporting and documentation. Your customer can get daily reports of the work done at their facility and the time spent. The general public can scan the QR code to see the last time an area was cleaned or leave feedback. You can even use Scan4Clean to track and log maintenance activities, security protocol, and other duties you perform.  The possibilities are endless.

Timekeeping & Scheduling Enhancements to Increase Profitability and Communication

Gain even better control of your budget and continue to increase your transparency and knowledge with the Janitorial Manager additions to Timekeeping & Scheduling. Set parameters to reduce the number of early clock-ins and eliminate late clock outs to manage your budget better. Track, calculate, and view lunch breaks and non-production time during each employees shift to assist with calculating payroll, union dues, and other critical needs. Publish open schedules to be claimed by your employees to offer them a flexible work schedule while assuring tracking to make sure your customers are taken care of. Allow your managers to have the control to clock employees in & out of shifts from the Who’s Working feature of JM Connect.

Inventory Tagging & Max Levels for Accuracy and Efficiency

Making Inventory Easier! The latest addition to the Janitorial Manager Inventory Management System, allows the user to use filters you have predetermined to find the inventory they need to request or cycle count.  This frees up their time for other needed activities while assuring you have correct inventory counts. The user can also view the maximum quantity to have on hand when placing supply orders alleviating question, concerns, and overstocking which can tie up your cash flow.

Work Orders

Publish open work orders for your staff or subcontractors to claim and execute resulting in timelier service to your customers and increasing customer satisfaction and employee retention by allowing your employees to have greater flexibility while assuring your customers are top priority.

Employee Hierarchy

Improve efficiency and supervisor knowledge by creating a reporting Hierarchy allowing for greater visibility in reporting structures. Make sure your managers only see the employees and information they need to see and eliminate extraneous data they do not need.