Payroll Processing – A change has been implemented in payroll processing to prevent any additional changes to time once a payroll cycle has been processed. This ensures reporting accuracy. If changes do need to go in after a payroll cycle has been processed, a new Rollback Payroll button has been added in Settings > Payroll > Manage Payroll that opens the pay cycle back up to make edits (i.e. adding or changing a time punch).

Expanded Rounding Options – Hours rounding for Timekeeper has been added as an option for each location, which will automatically be reflected in the Timecard and Payroll reports. Any rounding can still be manually changed or added in Settings > Payroll > Rounding.

Usernames can be edited – In Employee Maintenance under the User Settings tab, you can now change any Employee’s username.

Additional tracking for lost customers/locations – When deleting a customer or location, you’re now able to choose a reason and add notes regarding the lost business.

Additional fields on Employees – In Employee Maintenance, fields have been added for Department and Reporting Manager.

Additional fields on Customers – In Manage Customers, additional fields have been added for address, billing, and primary/secondary contact information.