Shared or individual checklist for QR codes

With the JM Connect shared checklist, your team can work concurrently on a project and track their specific activities all off of the same digital checklist.  Have a large, carpeted room that 2 employees are vacuuming?  Both employees can mark that activity off of their checklist and log the task was done and the time it was completed.  Have greater transparency on exactly what you staff are doing and when they are doing it.

Public QR Code Notifications

Need an instant alert from a public facility user that a restroom is out of paper or a cup of coffee was spilled in the lobby?  With the new app and email notification on the public scanning QR code set to feedback, you will know the instant a QR Code was scanned, the feedback of the public, and any requests made.  This provides another layer of customer satisfaction and improved communication and service to your customers.

Location schedule status report

View (in real time!) building staffing statistics to know who is working in what location and assure all cleaning shifts are being covered with the latest addition to the JM Timekeeping Feature. With locations that have multiple shifts per day, you’ll be able to see the percentage that have been serviced so far during any point in the day.

JM Connect Map

Need to know at a glance who is servicing what facility?  Use the JM Connect map to instantly see where all your accounts and facilities are located and where your employees were last seen to increase your knowledge and visibility of account activity and service.