NEW Add-on Feature: Quick Bid

We have introduced a new Quick Bid calculator. Simply enter square footage for the location you’re bidding, and receive an instant suggested bid based on the ISSA cleaning time standards. Once a bid has been determined, a custom proposal can be generated to quickly and easily send to clients.

Language Options

  • NEW Add-on Feature: Messaging Translation
    Translation is now available for messaging. To set up, configure languages in Manage Account under the Language tab, then customize for each employee in Employee Maintenance under the User Settings tab. The language selected for an employee will be used to translate any received messages to their chosen language.
  • Multilingual option for JM Connect
    A dropdown has been added to the JM Connect login screen, allowing users to choose their preferred language upon login. This will update all text within the app to the chosen language.

Timekeeping updates

  • Job Classification
    • When clocking in from the JM Connect mobile app, employees can now choose their Job Classification. This tracks the correct wage for the current shift if the employee is paid differently based on the type of job they are completing.
    • The following reports now have an option to filter by Job Classification: Timecard, Clock-in/Clock-out, and Employee Payroll.
    • The Employee Payroll report has been updated to reflect the wage from the chosen Job Classification for each shift.
  • Payroll Report update
    • A new option has been added to the Employee Payroll report to show without financial data. This removes the Rate and Pay information from the page and in the export.

Work Order Management

A new column has been added to the Work Order Management page to show Service Type.


Employee Management

  • New fields added to the generic employee import based on recent updates:
    • Designation
    • Department
    • Reporting
    • User Name
    • User Type
    • Password