QR Codes – Scan to clean

Qr Scan Clean 8 25 20202

With the use of JM developed QR Codes, your staff and those you clean for receive real time data on specific areas of a facility including the standard operating procedures/checklists for service, if a room is clean or dirty, who last cleaned an area, when a location was last cleaned, how long it took to perform the work, and a photo enabled messaging platform to request service and provide feedback.
Interested in adding this feature to your Janitorial Manager account? Reach out to your JM Sales Representative or Account Manager for more information!

Employee Notifications

Microsoftteams Image 2

  • With the new notification feature, Employees will now be notified about the following in JM Connect:
    • A new schedule has been created and assigned to the employee
    • An assigned schedule has been updated
    • An assigned schedule has been deleted
    • A new work order has been created and assigned to the employee
    • An assigned work order has been updated
    • An assigned work order has been deleted
  • All notifications will also be saved on the notifications page, which can be accessed by clicking the Bell icon on the top right of the main menu screen.

Work Order Updates

  • In JM Connect, the description is now displayed on the Work Order list. This update makes it easier to locate the Work Order you’re looking for.
  • In JM Connect, you are now able to attach images to a Work Order. Any images added from JM Connect will be displayed on the Janitorial Manager web application as well.

Scheduling and Job Class Updates

Scheduling Team Schedule 2

  • When creating employee schedules, a Team Schedule option has been added which links the schedules if more than one employee will be cleaning that location. This improvement makes it simpler to make future changes to the schedule when needed.
  • When adding employee(s) to a schedule, a job class option is now available, allowing you to set a default job class for this shift. This update is also reflected:
    • In JM Connect on My Schedule. Employees are now able to see the job class associated with their shift.
    • When employees dial in to clock in, the selected job class will be used by default.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

A new integration has been added that allows for quick transfer of payroll and work order data from Janitorial Manager to QuickBooks desktop. This setup also allows you to combine multiple work orders into one invoice for your client.
To learn more, please contact your JM Sales Representative or Account Manager.

Google Map Travel Threshold

A new setting has been introduced to cap travel time when using the Google Map distance option on the In Between Travel Report. If the time between clocking out and clocking back in exceeds this threshold, the travel time will not be displayed on the report.