Find the janitorial resources you need for a green cleaning program you can be proud of. 

It’s easy to talk about starting or improving a green cleaning program. Yet, when it comes down to it, you still need the janitorial resources to make it work. It can be a bit confusing at times, too, since “green” can have numerous interpretations, and there aren’t strict regulations around what exactly constitutes green or eco-friendly products. 

Additionally, while there are plenty of janitorial resources out there, it can take a lot of time to sort through and find what you need. Hopefully, we can help with that. We’ve compiled a list of resources, including everything from green cleaning supplies to informative blog posts to trusted resources on green business practices. And while there are undoubtedly many more, this should give you enough to feel confident in your ability to start or improve a commercial green cleaning program. 

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Janitorial Resources

15 Janitorial resources for a green cleaning program 

1. The EPA: One of the best janitorial resources for a green cleaning program is the Environmental Protection Agency. From their Sustainable Marketplace, you can learn how to identify eco-friendly cleaning products, get guidance for buying green products, and learn about ecolabels and government standards for green products. 

2. Green Seal: Green Seal certification “is a universal symbol that a product or service meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.” Green Seal certifies both commercial and consumer goods, with more than 1,000 products in the commercial cleaning category. This ranges from floor scrubber pads to dish detergents to hand soap to specialized carpet care, including more than 260 all-purpose cleaners

3. Safer Choice: Safer Choice is an EPA program that identifies products that “meet strict safety criteria for both human health and the environment, including carcinogenicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity, toxicity to aquatic life, and persistence in the environment.”

4. Design for the Environment: Like Safer Choice, Design for the Environment, or DfE, is a program administered by the EPA. DfE products, however, are more specific to disinfectants and sanitizers. 

5. U.S. Green Building Council: The USGBC administers LEED certification. “LEED-certified buildings are proven to save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for people.” LEED covers much more than cleaning protocols. However, there are several LEED credits that are specific to interior air quality and cleaning products that impact commercial cleaning standards. 

6. The Carpet and Rug Institute: CRI’s Seal of Approval is given to products that demonstrate both effectiveness in cleaning and environmentally conscious ingredients or manufacturing processes. These include cleaning solutions, as well as equipment such as vacuums and deep cleaning extractors. In addition, CRI-approved equipment is required by the USGBC for LEED credits. 

In addition to these broad janitorial resources, you can find multiple blog posts across the Janitorial Manager website that offer information and advice for green cleaning programs. Here is a small list: 

7. How to Benchmark Your Green Cleaning Program for Better Results: How successful is your green cleaning program? Here’s how you can tell. 

8. 8 Rewarding Sustainable Cleaning Company Strategies: Discover 8 sustainable cleaning company strategies to help you and your clients feel good while your business thrives.

9. How to Set Your Green Cleaning Program Up for Success: Find out how to make your green cleaning program successful.

10. 5 Reasons to Adopt Green Cleaning Practices for Safer Schools: Discover five ways that green cleaning practices will enhance the health and safety of school building occupants. 

11. 9 Low-Waste Cleaning Practices for ProfessionalsZero waste and low-waste cleaning products and practices are popular, profitable, and not as difficult to come by as they might seem. 

12. 5 of the Best Sustainable Cleaning Tools for the Classroom: When it comes to sustainable cleaning tools, not only will they make a great addition to your classroom supply list, but they will allow you to get more for your dollar.

13. 5 Ways Sustainable Cleaning Practices Reduce Operating CostsSustainable cleaning practices are far more economical than they once were, and the products are more effective. They’re also in higher demand. This combination means you can potentially reduce operating costs and increase revenue at the same time. 

14. How to Give Your Janitorial Closet a Sustainability MakeoverDiscover 10 ways to make your janitorial closet eco-friendly. As a bonus, most of these will also save you money!

15. How to Get LEED Cleaning Credits: Leed-certified buildings need ongoing work to maintain that status. Here’s how your commercial cleaning company can be part of that.

A green cleaning program can boost your revenue and help your company make the world a better place. So, take a look through these janitorial resources and make the idea a reality.

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