There’s a lot more to running a janitorial company than cleaning. Coordinating employee work schedules, creating quotes for new business, handling payments and managing client information are just a few of the things that are crucial to your commercial cleaning company’s growth.

You need help managing all the moving pieces, but there are so many options for janitorial software that choosing one simply goes on your giant to-do list.

What Does It Cost to Get One New Client?

For a thriving small business, growth is crucial. Losing clients simply isn’t an option. You probably know how much revenue you lose when a customer leaves, but do you know what it costs to replace them?

Advertising, creating quotes, onboarding, managing expectations and settling into a routine with a new client are all important and time-consuming tasks. It’s always less expensive to keep a client than it is to replace them.

A certain amount of customer turnover is unavoidable. If your ability to serve your clients is on point, you don’t have to worry about losing valuable customers to scheduling problems or lack of communication.

Why Janitorial Scheduling Software?

Janitorial scheduling software designed to help you provide perfect customer service is essential. It saves you time and money by keeping your schedule current from any platform.

A big part of client satisfaction relates to your ability to communicate in a timely manner. Software that helps you stay on top of crucial tasks also helps you retain your best clients by providing great customer service.


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Adopting New Technology: A Painless Approach

Learning how to use technology designed to take your business to the next level should be easy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For small business owners, simple, effective and intuitive interfaces are crucial but hard to find.

There’s no need to start over with your processes or change how you do things. Good janitorial software should enhance the way your business operates and improve your efficiency.

To learn more about how our unique and simple-to-use janitorial scheduling software benefits small to medium-sized commercial cleaning companies, go ahead and contact us today.