From branding to business cards, janitorial service marketing can make or break your business. Make sure you’re focused on the right materials—for the right price.

Marketing is tough. Most people who start cleaning businesses do so because they have expertise and resources in that particular discipline, not in marketing. You can hire professionals to help, but that can get expensive. And even if you do, you’ll still need to understand the ins and outs of janitorial service marketing since you’ll remain a primary decision maker for your business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable resources to help you execute on the most important janitorial service marketing needs. In fact, there are so many resources, it can be difficult to know what you need and what you don’t.

While every company will have slightly different needs, there are a few things that every commercial cleaning business should include in its janitorial service marketing plan. Use these marketing tools as the foundation for whatever campaigns you decide to launch, and you’ll be sure to see a spike in business without seeing the same spike in your accounts payable ledger.

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Janitorial Service Marketing

4 Janitorial service marketing materials you need right away

Marketing material #1: Professional logo/brand

Of all the necessary janitorial service marketing materials we recommend, this one will probably be the most expensive. That’s because there’s much more that goes into branding than simply coming up with a cute picture or a clever slogan, and for good reasons. It takes consumers only 10 seconds to form a first impression of your logo—which then becomes their first impression of you.

Branding is, essentially, your company’s identity, its personality, and message to the world. That may seem like a lot to put on a logo, but that’s how human brains work. That’s why we spend time every day dressing and grooming ourselves—to convey a message about who we are. A brand needs the same thing.

Hiring a professional to design your logo and brand strategy is a worthwhile investment because they will see things in your brand that perhaps you don’t. They’re also trained in graphic design, which is important because consumers are more likely to trust what they consider to be “authentic” brands. And the best way to make that impression immediately is to have an authentic logo.

Marketing material #2: Business cards

Once you’ve got your logo, you need to get it out to the world! And there’s no better way to do that than with business cards. These act as a primary marketing tool because they are easy to carry, easier to hand out, and because they give prospects and customers all of the information they need to know in a compact format—including that shiny new logo.

What information do they need to know? Besides your company name and branding, include your address, phone number, website, e-mail,and one or two important social media handles, like Instagram. If you still have a fax number, include that as well if there’s room.

One final note on business cards: Like your logo, it’s worth investing in professional-grade cards. There are generic cards out there that are inexpensive, but they too often make your business feel just as generic. It might be more beneficial to use a printer who can help you make decisions about layout, colors, paper stock, and other details that can make a difference.

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Marketing material #3: Full-color flyers

Flyers are underrated in the age of digital marketing, but they still help attract new business, especially in your local market. Hang flyers on community bulletin boards and in other places where you suspect there might be customers. Make sure they’re full-color and include your brand logo and contact information!

You can also mail out flyers to your list of prospects after you make sales calls. Doing so reminds them of your conversation and reinforces your interest in doing business with them. If you think flyers are a little much, consider postcards. They communicate the same information and are usually cheaper to post.

Marketing material #4: Swag (pens, shirts, keychains)

One marketing truth that withstands the test of time is that people like free stuff. Brand keychains or pens or t-shirts and give them out to prospects and clients. Be generous with the swag; even if you don’t directly pick up a client, as long as they’re using your branded material, someone else is likely to see it and make an inquiry.

In the cleaning business, you can also get very creative with the swag. Hand out branded paper towels or trash bags. Put your logo on miniature squirt bottles. Brand restaurant-sized packages of moistened hand-wipes or tiny hand sanitizer bottles. The more creative you get with the swag, the more likely people will remember you.