Turning your strategy into long-lasting success!

‘Business strategy’ is a cool term these days – it’s the type of term that intrigues people. When it comes to the Commercial cleaning market, talking about your business strategy is probably what helped you attract a lot of your clientele…heck, it was that strategy that pushed you go into business in the first place! However, ‘strategy’ is probably one of the most overused terms in the business world today – it seems that the more someone uses that word in conversation, the less they know about the subject. So before we start talking about software that can support (and enhance) it, let’s delve into some tips for developing a good business strategy and keeping it relevant.

Know your industry

Your company is part of a larger system, an industry. Each industry has its own characteristics, its own structure. The position your company has within that structure determines profitability. Thinking about the industry and your competition will determine your strategy – how you are going to compete. The better you know and understand your industry, the better you will be able to determine elements that will make customers take notice, and, in turn, help you reap a higher return.

Differentiate, Innovate, Motivate

When developing any kind of strategy, knowing where your company stands is key – look hard at your industry and see where you can differentiate your offering so that your company stands out. You know your clients and what they need – being innovative means that you meet those needs in an efficient way, which should be at the core of your company’s principles. And make sure you maintain the proper motivation in every aspect, whether you’re just now developing your strategy, updating it or implementing it.

Keep moving forward

Long gone are the days of businesses profiting solely from potential clients finding then in the Yellow Pages. If you’re smart, you long ago took that fact into consideration, and have incorporated ways to predict changes and trends within your industry into your business strategy. Your business has to continually evolve to stay relevant and profitable, or you’ll be left behind.

So now that you’ve created the best business strategy for your janitorial cleaning company, how can you maintain relevance? By embracing the newest technology available to you! Technology can be scary and overwhelming, so how can something like janitorial service software support your business? How can your business stand out, especially in the janitorial service industry? By using Janitorial Manager. Our software can provide all that you need and more, housed in a user-friendly, organized and affordable package that can be used virtually anywhere on any device. Don’t let your company be overlooked because you’re still relying on outdated business practices!

You can plan, execute and evaluate all aspects of your commercial cleaning services, including:

  • Employee scheduling and job tracking
  • Inventory records and supply orders
  • Employee performance statistics
  • Client access and communication
  • Budget information and profit margins
  • Work order management
  • …and much more!

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