‘Automation’ is a catchy, popular bit of jargon these days. It’s technically a term used for utilizing machinery without human assistance, but the idea of automatic control is useful in numerous control systems – operating equipment, processes in factories, switching on systems, stabilizing ships, etc. Automation is what has brought the idea of self-driving cars into our current timeline. The idea of automating anything has a negative connotation for some, seeing that many have been replaced by automated machinery in their occupation. However, the idea of automatic processes or options is more than intriguing for various other industries. Perhaps automation is especially exciting for those in the commercial cleaning industry because they can handle jobs, employees and scheduling with just a few clicks of their mouse.


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“Automated Cleaning?! You can’t be serious…”

That may sound like a far-fetched idea, but think about it – the actual cleaning can’t be automated unless you have a super fancy robot on hand. Instead, almost everything leading up to the actual cleaning can be automatically done. If you’ve been in the cleaning industry for long, you know that things have evolved quickly over the last 10 years or so. You can no longer sit idly by and wait for the jobs to come in – you have to be quick, smart and resourceful. You have to use every tool you can to stay relevant and competitive. And if staying competitive is your intention, you know how much time and energy (and money, in a lot of cases) it takes to do it all! A tool like scheduling software can save you some of that time and energy, especially if you take advantage of the automation options within the software program.


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More Jobs, Less Time

Your customers are what keep you afloat, right? You do your job for them, literally! If you have long-time clients, you know that you’d do just about anything to make sure they’re satisfied – that’s why they remain loyal to you! But you can’t just rely on those clients. You have to bring in new business for a few reasons: to get your business out there, to make sure your employees are taken care of and to keep your bank account in the black. With scheduling software, you have numerous options for handling the majority of your business, including following up on leads, scheduling more jobs and keeping all the other areas organized. The best part about this type of software is that you can do all of that from any device, at any time, with just a few clicks. Additional jobs, better scheduling, organized contacts, inventory management and more…all taking less time than it ever has. Almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s reality!


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Better Scheduling for All

Think about any time you’ve had to contact a utility or service company for an appointment, and they give you a 4 hour window in a week or two, and who knows if they’ll actually show up when they say they will. That’s insanely frustrating, isn’t it? The reality is that everyone’s time is valuable, so if you’re providing a service for them, you need to set yourself apart so that they don’t turn to someone else. This also affects your employees – if their schedule isn’t structured well, they’ll receive the brunt of the complaints in the field. In order to make everyone happy, you have to have better scheduling techniques and protocols in place.

With a software, you can automate particular services, train employees on specific tasks and access an intuitive calendar for any and all scheduling (work orders, inspections, inventory orders, etc.), all in one place. For example, if you perform a regularly scheduled cleaning service for a company with multiple locations, you can automate the process for each one, leaving no doubt about who should be where and when. If you ever wonder when a job was completed, it’s all there in the scheduling section of the software. If a client needs to change something about their services, they can send a request and you can update the automated information with a few simple changes. You’re no longer tied to your office or your computer – you can take your business with you wherever you go.

If you want to take advantage of automation in your business, it’s time to choose the job scheduling software that’s best for you, and that software is Janitorial Manager. We have designed our program to utilize automation to the best and highest standards, helping to keep you, your money, your employees and your schedule in check and structured well. Manual scheduling is a thing of the past – let us help you do more with your time and bring your business into the future. Contact us today for a free demo – you won’t regret it!