Company background:

For two decades, Kidron Janitorial Corp. has been family-owned and operated. They sold their first cleaning business, but 2018, their second cleaning business was founded under the same name. Currently, their services include:

Kidron Janitorial Corp Logo
  • Commercial janitorial services
  • Floorcare
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • And much more

In that same year, Aaron Bond became Kidron’s Manager of Operations. Aaron oversees the day-to-day operations including bidding, prospecting, employee oversight, client interactions, and more. Before joining the business, Aaron worked for a McDonald’s franchise holding various leadership roles. This experience made him the perfect fit for the new position. They are located in Barrie, Ontario.

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Executive Summary:

As a growing cleaning business, maintaining a competitive edge and creating an effective strategy is essential for expansion. Aaron Bond, the Manager of Operations at Kidron Janitorial Corp., leverages the leadership experience he gained from McDonald’s to move the company forward.  One tool that’s helping their company grow is Janitorial Manager.

Using the software’s timekeeping, Scan4Clean, and many other features, Kidron continues to reap many benefits including:

  • A competitive edge bidding on proposals
  • Responding faster to customer feedback
  • Stronger relationships with employees
  • Higher cleaning quality
  • Preventing equipment breakdowns and replacement

The Challenges:

Starting From the Bottom

When Aaron joined Kidron in 2018, the company was on the ground floor.

But they had goals.

One of which was to become one of the largest cleaning companies in Canada. Aaron already had a big business mindset from working for McDonald’s, so he leveraged his experience to input processes and solutions.

What was one of the important processes they were missing? Proper timekeeping and performance reviews.

They needed a way to validate time punches and guarantee that their employees are paid fairly. Aaron also understood the importance of employee reviews.

Employee reviews are critical touchpoints to improve performance and praise employees with the goal of retention. “From the responsibility I had at McDonald’s, I knew that [employee reviews] were vital for implementing it in our business,” said Aaron. “We had only a few [employees], so it’d be a lot easier starting, rather than when we have 50 employees.”

Differentiating from the Competition

With over 29,000 businesses that fall in the commercial cleaning industry in Canada, competition is fierce. That means like any cleaning business, Kidron Janitorial Corp. needed to differentiate itself from the competition to attract new clients.

Aaron Bond recognized that one way to stand out is through technology. But not just any technology. Aaron sought technology that could help improve their quality of clean as well as document and communicate with clients.  

Customer Complaints

“I think everyone knows what comes with a cleaning company are complaints,” stated Aaron.

Customer complaints are part of the job, but what if they could respond to complaints and feedback, faster? There are times where an unexpected spill could happen or toilet paper could run out. And the longer a client’s needs go unfulfilled, the more unsatisfied they’ll be. By completing them faster, they can keep clients satisfied and reduce turnover.

Using a unique solution, Aaron Bond decided to open the lines of communication with their client’s employees. They haven’t looked back.

The Solution:

In 2019, Aaron saw a presentation by Janitorial Manager at the ISSA show in Las Vegas. It was there that he learned about JM’s timekeeping and performance review features.

As they adopted the system, eventually they would add features like Scan4Clean, a QR Code that can be used by cleaners and the public to communicate and maintain cleaning standards. Nearly two years after they first implemented JM, their company keeps getting better.

The Benefits:

A Unique Selling Point

Kidron Janitorial Corp. uses Janitorial Manager to attract prospects and new clients. It’s another way to separate themselves from the competition- especially against those who don’t use cleaning software.

After all, there are countless commercial cleaning businesses that prospective clients can choose from. That’s why the more ways that they can stand out from the competition, the better their chances are of winning proposals.

“We advertise that we use janitorial manager, big time. And in our bidding proposals, we have it put out what the customer can use, what's the benefit to them, and how they can use it and all the features. So, it's definitely a selling point.”

– Aaron Bond, Manager of Operation, Kidron Janitorial Corp.

They even describe Janitorial Manager on their website, to help turn browsers into buyers.

Quick Responsiveness to Client Feedback

Aaron Bond opened the lines of communication with their clients AND their client’s employees using JM’s scannable QR Code feature, Scan4Clean. If an area needs to be cleaned urgently or if a supply needs to be refilled, employees can scan a QR Code and notify Aaron and his team immediately. It’s a faster process than having an employee go through the chain of command to inform management.

Aaron explained, “It gives the customer, or anyone the opportunity to take care of the feedback, put the feedback in right now as opposed to Okay, I need to remember that once I get back to my office, and I got to type out an email. So that instantaneous feedback, that’s what I like.”

Employee Protection

Equipped with facial recognition and geofencing, JM’s timekeeping feature is used by their employees daily. With this technology, he can validate that they were where they needed to be and when. Aaron can also ensure his cleaners are paid fairly for the shifts that they work.

“It protects the employee so that they’re getting paid for every minute of work they do, and it definitely protects us, said Aaron. “And we know when our employees are clocking in, we know they’re doing the work that is set out and in the timeframe that we give them, and then the geolocation was a big thing.”

They’re also protected from making errors while cleaning.

With Scan4Clean, Kidron’s cleaners will scan a QR Code when inside a building’s area- like a restroom. Then a checklist will appear on their mobile device of all the steps to complete. All they have to do is check off completed items as they go.

Aaron explains, “I tell everyone when I’m training them. If you forget something or you know, you’re cleaning a restroom again and say, you know, did I get everything done? The best way to check is to scan the QR code and go through the checklist and manually hit complete.”

This simple validation technique protects employees from overlooking cleaning tasks so client expectations are always met.

“If you work until 7:05, how do I know if you worked until 7:05? You're not going to get paid for those five minutes. This technology, it protects you and makes sure you're getting paid for all the work you're doing. And you know that it says yes, I clocked in at this location so yeah, I was there. So, nobody can say no, I wasn't there to clean didn't get done. The same thing with the QR codes, it protects the employee.”

– Aaron Bond, Manager of Operation, Kidron Janitorial Corp.

Stronger Employee Relationships

In an industry where the employee turnover rate can reach more than 200%, anything that can be done to reduce turnover must be done. That’s why Aaron uses JM to schedule employee reviews and store them for future reference.

It’s an opportunity to praise employees for their work and point out areas for improvement.

“We do one every six months,” explained Aaron.  “One is just performance and then one is wage. We’re constantly reviewing, making sure there’s improvements, but it’s also a good way to acknowledge strengths and where people are doing a good job.”

These simple, yet important reviews are helping Aaron and his cleaners develop strong relationships and produce cleaning results that retain clients.

Preventing Equipment Breakdowns & Replacement 

Kidron Janitorial Corp. owns a few floor scrubbers, but they’re not cheap.

The average cost of a floor scrubber can range between $1,150 and $30,00 each. They also need to be maintained properly to prevent breakdowns and repair or replacement costs. To guarantee that their floor scrubbers are maintained, Kidron’s cleaners use JM’s QR Codes to view step-by-step maintenance instructions.

Aaron explains how, “There’s a post-maintenance [checklist] after you use it: Make sure you clean the squeegee, make sure you rinse out the tank, anything like that. So, we have implemented that. I can know that yes, it was finished. And because I can’t go check that [equipment] every single day, if it’s not being maintained, it breaks down, then there’s costs associated.” By providing their cleaners the maintenance instructions, they don’t have to worry about neglected equipment- and incurring repair or replacement costs.

At Kidron Janitorial Corp., growth is the mindset and they want to hire more employees as they do. Sharing that same mindset, Janitorial Manager and Kidron continue to work- and grow. Together.

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