Company background:

KMD Contracting Services is a commercial cleaning company headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland. Serving the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas, KMD services many private and public facilities. Carolyn Williams is the company’s Office Manager who holds the key responsibility of coordinating the supply requests from their employees.

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The Challenges:

Supply Requests Slipping Through the Cracks

When Carolyn joined the company in 2020, they were struggling to manage their supply requests. She was informed by KMD Founder & CEO, Kevin Davis that supply requests were getting missed. “Supply orders would fall through the cracks. Somebody would tell him about a supply order, as opposed to sending him something in writing,” she explained. “And he would write it down, he would lose it, or they would lose it, so it was really tough.” They needed a solution that could better document and track these requests. Failure to do so risked unsatisfied customers, or worse- client turnover.

The Solution:

Supply Tracking from Janitorial Manager

Kevin Davis recommended that she inquire about custodial operations software, Janitorial Manager. Although JM is equipped with several features, (like timekeeping and inspections) Carolyn reviewed the software and KMD chose to implement JM for tracking supply usage and managing supply requests.

The Benefits:

Better Documentation & No More Human Error

Instead of writing down supply requests on slips of paper that can be easily lost (or relying on memory), all requests are documented in JM. That means they have a paper trail if they ever need to reference a prior request on-demand. Additionally, they’re able to better track their clients’ supply usage. “Just knowing what has been used, how much they’re ordering per month, so that makes a big difference,” Carolyn remarked. By tracking supply usage, they can better anticipate supply costs and know the number of supplies a client needs to operate. And best of all, it’s available at their fingertips within JM.  

Streamlined Communication & Processes

With a new tool to communicate supply requests, they have a streamlined process equipped with checks & balances from start to finish. During this process, Carolyn acts as the liaison while using JM. KDM’s supply request process goes as follows: 

  1. Using JM’s mobile app, JM Connect, KMD’s cleaners submit supply requests while on site.  
  2. Carolyn can log into JM from her desktop to view supply requests.  
  3. She makes a copy of them and sends it to Ken Davis for approval. 
  4. Once approved, she sends the requests to the supplier, who will let her know when they will be fulfilled. She also informs the employee know when the supplies should arrive. 
  5. Employees let her know when the supply requests have been received and she marks it complete within JM.

In just 5 steps, supply requests can be instantly communicated and expedited for fulfillment. And with that, the days of manually trying to remember new requests are over. Better communication has transformed their supply request process into a well-oiled machine. 

“It's an easy process, once they're shown how to do it. It can be done from anywhere. The main focus is making sure that the supplies are counted and supply orders are tracked. If there's something that was missing from the order, we can follow that information through. So, it's definitely worth it to go with [JM] and it’s cost-effective in more ways than one.”

Carolyn Williams, Office Manager, KMD Contracting, LLC

Looking ahead, KMD has its eyes set on growth. Part of their growth plan is to offer extra services and add more clients. That means more supply requests. And by continuing to utilize JM’s supply request feature, they’ll be fulfilling supply requests with ease.  

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