Have you ever found yourself trying to pick a restaurant, not knowing what kind of food you’re hungry for? Eventually, you figure out what you don’t want, and then finally settle on a selection that will work. You decide to be satisfied with anything that isn’t what you don’t want, even if it’s not something that fully pleases you.

Is that how you also go about deciding what you want for your cleaning company? When it comes to deciding on tools that will take your company to the next level, like a janitorial app, do you only know what you don’t want? Or are you determined to find the best choice that will fulfill your real desires and needs?

Know What You Don’t Want

If you’ve been in the commercial cleaning business for long, you’ve probably already endured a few experiences in your business management that you don’t want to continue or repeat:

  • Sloppy inspections
  • Inconsistent cleaning work
  • Scrambling to fill vacancies in cleaning teams
  • Poor communication with customers
  • Missed training opportunities to correct persistent errors/oversights
  • Expensive overtime payouts
  • Juggling work orders and tag work
  • Looking unprofessional to potential new clients
  • Over (or under) shooting time estimates for bids

You could probably add to the list. You already know what is – and what isn’t – working well in your unique situation. But if you make your decisions based only on what you don’t want, you’ll remain in “firefighting mode” forever. Decide what you really need… and plan to obtain that

Janitorial App

1. Keep Connected: Real-Time Messaging

Your staff and customers are real people who are as accustomed to communicating on the go as you are. With texting, instant messaging, Facebook Messenger, and the like, it only makes sense that your janitorial app offers similar functionality! By containing your communications within the janitorial app, you eliminate the frustrations of missing messages or the confusion of carrying on multiple conversations in multiple platforms. Using an app like JM Connect, you can message individual employees and customers or specify groups of employees and groups of customers in different locations

2. Simplify Bidding: Integrated ISSA 612 Cleaning Times

Ensure your job bids are accurate and professional as you build out detailed customer facility records, including locations, buildings, floors, and rooms. With cloud-based cleaning software, you can use a tablet or other connected device to map out the locations, while you’re on location. Then, using the built-in ISSA 612 cleaning times, you can easily calculate your labor costs based on variations in cleaning times associated with usage types, floor types, fixtures, etc. … No more blind guessing!

3. Personalized Service: Client Portal

Your customers should also have the ability to utilize your janitorial app via their own client portal. This portal allows your customers to use a single login to view their account – even if they have multiple locations – to request tag work, submit work orders ask questions or make comments, or to look over inspections reports and other information that you choose to give them access to. This lets your customers have the added value of being connected to the processes they are paying for and reduces the number of interruptions you must manage when they have questions. Customers can find the answer to most of their needs in their portal of your janitorial app!

4. Manage Your Business from the Palm of Your Hand!

Up to now, managing your business has sucked so many hours from your days that there is often little time left for the other things that you enjoy. With the right cloud-based janitorial app, you can be untethered from your desk and free to manage your operations at any time, from anywhere in the world! Plan, schedule, review costs, assign resources, communicate, track time, maintain awareness of issues, and align control; all can be done in the JM App.

Serve Your Clients More Effectively!

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5. Ensure Consistent Inspections

With different inspectors rotating through each location and client, it’s important that the task is completed consistently and accurately, no matter who is doing it. Set up inspection templates – generic or customized – and receive real-time reporting as inspections are completed. Rather than doing the work on paper, your inspectors can utilize the janitorial inspection software on their smartphone, tablet or other connected devices to execute scheduled inspections right from the job site. For added proof of issues (or corrected issues) use the camera on your device to capture and catalog photos as documentation.

6. Work Done Well: Checklists & Performance Reports

When you’re training your new employees, they sometimes need a little extra guidance as they settle into a routine for cleaning different sites. With a janitorial app, you can create and provide detailed cleaning checklists and special instructions for them to refer to from their smartphone. To keep up with how well your employees are performing, you can utilize customized performance reviews that can be archived and incorporated into overall company performance or ongoing individual performance reporting.

Janitorial App2

7. Speaking of Reporting…

You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, but you don’t have the time to spend poring over stacks of files and figures. Janitorial Manager provides desktop access to loads of reports, including inspections reports, exceptions reports, threshold reports, and quality trend reports. The company performance reports give insight into company effectiveness; integrated QuickBooks reports keep you aware of who has paid and whose invoices are still outstanding; and integrated Chronotek reports provide a closer look at how you’re doing on scheduling, overtime, tardy employees, and more!

Make the Right Janitorial App Decision

When choosing a janitorial app, carefully identify what you want from it. Whether that means managing work orders, tracking inventory usage, or addressing any of the other items above, carefully identify the necessary features your business needs. Then, take advantage of our free demos to ensure that you will love your selection. Get started with the Janitorial Manager software – contact our janitorial app experts, today!