Everyone wants to impress someone, right? If you are in the dating world, you want to show the best side of yourself to whomever you choose to date. If you are a young adult starting out on your own, you want to impress your parents with your life plans. If you own a business, you want to make the best impression on your clientele. But, like most things in life, it can be hard to keep yourself from falling into the trap of trying overly hard to please every client you have. When finding the right balance with your customers, there are ways to amaze without going overboard. If you own a commercial cleaning business, one way you can prove that your company is the best choice to partner with is by upgrading your tech and using commercial cleaning software.


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It’s Time to Make a Change

Most businesses today have some online presence, like a website, and some even have apps that can be downloaded to your smart device to be used anywhere. People everywhere are looking for the best apps, the most intuitive software and the best service for their money. Look at your smart phone (if you have one) – how many apps are related to business or work information? If you own or manage a commercial cleaning business, and you don’t have an app for commercial cleaning software, then you will not impress anyone seeking to utilize your services, especially if the companies you are vying for have people younger than 50 working there. They want the convenience and ease that comes with being able to communicate electronically, and they want to see that you’re doing the same.

Commercial cleaning software is unique in that it has been specifically designed to automate and organize information – from your client history, to inventory management, to work order scheduling, and so much more. If you are handling these aspects of your business on paper or via email or phone calls, you may lose out on customers because those forms of communication are outdated. If you have been in the cleaning industry for very long, you know that things change rapidly. Don’t get left behind because you aren’t willing to make some changes! Change is scary, but if your goal is to make the best impression on potential clients, then change is necessary.  



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Gain Guru Status

A guru is considered an expert in their field, someone who can see the patterns of their industry and know what moves to make in the future. A guru isn’t afraid of change – they welcome it! They are willing to move with the ebb and flow of business, which gives them an amazing advantage when it comes to beating the competition. You can be considered a guru in the commercial cleaning world by making this one change – here are 3 of the top things you (and your customers) can expect from commercial cleaning software:

  1. Everything in one place.

Whether it’s sticky notes on your desk, calendars gathering dust on your wall, filing cabinets full of unused, outdated files, or old devices taking up space in your office, it’s time to clean up and move forward. Commercial cleaning software is typically web based and in the Cloud, so you can house the majority of the information you need in one place, and have it in the palm of your hand at all times.

  1. Automate it all.

Scheduling, work orders, inspections, employee hours, client communiqués, financial information – you can automate until your heart is content! With an easy-to-use calendar for routine scheduling, a customer portal for your clients to use and instant access to information for quotes and invoices, you won’t have to depend on remembering everything yourself.

  1.  Stay successful.

While you may be good at what you do, there is always room for improvement. Maybe it’s your finances, or your supply inventory, or even how you store your employees’ information…there’s definitely an area where some organization would seriously improve your day-to-day grind. If you can stay ahead of the game, your customers will know that they’re getting the best service for their money, and your employees can take pride in their job and what they have to offer.


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Are You Ready to Be a Guru?

If you’ve never considered using commercial cleaning software, now is the time! Your customers will see a company willing to improve their processes so that they are able to offer the best service available – if that doesn’t impress them, we don’t know what will! Let us help you become a software guru – contact us at Janitorial Manager. We can provide you with an affordable, comprehensive and user-friendly software, built specifically with you in mind. Schedule a free demo today!