Having a Facebook account is now extremely common place, but Facebook has evolved beyond the usual company pages and share posts. Facebook groups are becoming a more popular place for like-minded people to congregate, often in the thousands, to generate ideas and share knowledge.

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About This Guest:

Sam Riegsecker

Sam Riegsecker

Marketing Operations Manager - Double A Solutions

Sam Riegsecker is the Marketing Operations Manager at Double A Solutions (parent company of Janitorial Manager). You may recognize his name from the JM monthly newsletters or a Facebook community. Sam has worked with the company since 2016 and been a vital part of the branding and communication we do with our customers and community.

Sam manages not only the basics of day-to-day marketing operations, but he also pushed to create the Janitorial Manager Community group to be a place for the industry to come and chat about what’s going on or issues they are facing. He’s also an avid seeker of knowledge and his goal is to help more cleaning industry companies gain a great understanding of business. 

Join Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/janitorialmanager/ 

What are Facebook Groups

Here’s a quick summary of Facebook Groups, if you’ve not yet dipped your toes in:

Facebook was started in 2004, while Groups wasn’t added as a feature until 2010 and you can find no end of articles online about what they are and how to use them. 

Facebook Groups are not the same thing as pages. For one, they’re private to members only, and membership is often controlled by admins. Groups can be found in one of two main ways; they pop up in a search and you can ask to join or a current member is your Friend and invites you to join. 

Think of them as virtual clubs or communities. Events can be posted about, webinars and live streams hosted directly to the groups, and they are continuous chat threads on the main feed, among other things. Groups are free to join and a lot of times and a lot of the times, free sources of education are offered.

That’s just the surface of what’s available through Facebook Groups! In the last few years, Groups has become a more and more popular resource for professionals and hobbyist alike. New features are emerging and so are creative ways to make use of them.

Why Join Facebook Groups

The golden question is always “Why should I care?” The reason is simple; FREE RESOURCES. 

Facebook groups are full of free knowledge and resources. These groups usually spring up because a person or group of people are passionate about a subject or see an opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge that they have.

There are so many out there and not only are going to be active or worth your while but if they’re not then you can leave and find a better group. With so many out there, there are many, many that overlap is subject so you should be able to find at least one or two that you like. 

Yes, there are various cleaning Facebook Groups and some of them are specific to building service contractors or in-house providers as well. So you can talk to people dealing with the same concerns as you and find answers most relevant to your business.

The other great thing? This is an online-based platform, which means you are able to connect with people from all over and simple geographical barriers are irrelevant. You could connect with great people and receive the advice you never would have otherwise and never spend time.

Invite Your Team

You may be in the best group for your company that you could be. You’re learning a lot, but if you’re not bringing at least some of your team members along for the ride then you’re already missing out. 

Part of growing your business is finding and developing a well-rounded team that is constantly growing themselves. Free education resources? Why wouldn’t you include your team?!

We realize that never everyone wants to mix personal and private, that your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn connections are often two very different things. However, Facebook is convenient because you don’t have to be friends with someone to be in the same group as them and while they can view your profile, you can pick and chose what is private and what is not. 

So adjust your page settings and include your team in the great cleaning Facebook Groups you’ve found. There is a reason why you surrounded yourself with them after all.

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