New Commercial Cleaning Software: Don’t Let Change Spook You

Ah, Halloween—a time for costumes, tricks and treats, and spooky decor. Most kids love Halloween because they can be someone or something new such as a superhero, a monster, a cartoon character, or their favorite animal. Parents, however, typically aren’t as much fun because new things scare us. Change freaks us out. Rather than making a positive change, it’s easier to keep things the way they are in every area of our lives, including our jobs. If you work within the commercial cleaning industry, change may be scary, but it’s inevitable. Regulations are constantly changing, industry standards continue to get higher, cleaning products are being reformulated, and employees are expecting a lot more from their employers. So if you own a commercial cleaning business, how do you cope with all of the change?

New Things Don’t Have to Be Scary

One way you can handle the everchanging cleaning trade is to employ commercial cleaning software. It can be another tool in your toolbox. Commercial cleaning software helps you not only be more effective at managing your staff and cleaning teams, but it also helps you communicate with your clients, handle your finances, and organize your inventory. A commercial cleaning software solution can take your business to the next level by working more efficiently and navigating all of that scary change with ease. It also helps you with customer and staff retention, which can give your business more stability.

Change Your Business for the Better

Still wondering why you should invest in commercial cleaning software? Here are 4 reasons to help you make your decision:

1. Efficiency is Key

Your time is a lot like your money – you don’t want to waste it. Have you thought about how much time you need to perform certain tasks for your business? Like ordering inventory, scheduling work orders, or communicating with clients…all of these things, when handled separately, take up a lot of time. Performing these tasks means you are stuck in your office working on your computer and using multiple software programs to handle each bit of your business. With commercial cleaning software, you can maintain all of that information (and so much more) in one place, available to you at any time, on any smart device. It gives you the mobility you want without sacrificing the quality of your service. You can ensure that all parts of your business are running with the efficiency necessary to be successful.

New Commercial Cleaning Software 3

2. Employees are Important

Unless you’re running a one-person show, you can’t do your job without your employees. They should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to your time and energy. However, when you’re consumed with all the other business aspects you have to deal with, keeping them at the top of your mind can be difficult. Commercial cleaning software can enhance your scheduling process. First, you can see each staff member’s schedule with one click. This allows them to stay on task without wondering what their next job entails. Next, you can use real-time time tracking to see exactly where your staff members are and what time they start or finish a job. Third, you can keep track of any training or certifications each person has achieved. Finally, you can update their employment information with ease by adding birthdays, anniversaries, and performance reviews. Show your staff that they’re worth the changes you’re making to better your business.

3. Life Happen

If you’re called away to a job site suddenly, what happens to your office atmosphere? Does everything go haywire? Do you feel stressed because you couldn’t finish whatever you were doing before you were called away? Do things like assignments, work orders, or client communications fall through the cracks when you’re not there? What if you have to leave work for personal reasons, like an emergency at home? Can you take your work with you? We all know that life is unpredictable and emergencies happen. With commercial cleaning software, your business is literally in the palm of your hand – you can handle problems on site or in the office. Work from wherever you happen to be.

New Commercial Cleaning Software 4

4. Evolving is Necessary

With enhancements in technology, products, and tactics, you and your business have to evolve to stay relevant and viable. While making a big change can be scary, your business is likely to improve when you make the right changes. Most of the time, when something evolves, it changes for the better. The same can be said for software. As programs like commercial cleaning software evolve, they are enhanced to handle more pieces of information, to run simultaneously with other programs, to give the user a more pleasant experience, and to maintain functionality until the next evolution comes around. It’s not a futuristic concept – it’s happening now! Don’t let your business fall by the wayside because you weren’t willing to implement needed changes to continue moving forward.

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Don’t Let Fear Fool You

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