Take advantage of great new features!


We are constantly listening to your feedback and working to make JM better!

Here are a few things the new release allows you to do:

General Updates

  1. Now create Cleaning Instructions in the client record. Users can review account requirements from their mobile device.
  2. All Notes fields are now formatted to allow for paragraph formatting.
  3. Invoice numbers can now be manually added to the work order record and are automatically added when using QuickBooks.
  4. Now notes can be added to Work Orders for After Action or Follow Up.
  5. Two new work order status designations have been added. Whether manually updated or automatically (via QuickBooks) the invoice will reflect Invoiced or Invoice Paid status.

QuickBooks Integration

  1. Now synchronize clients and employees both ways between QuickBooks and Janitorial Manager.
  2. Completed work orders are now automatically sent to QuickBooks and a new invoice is created.
  3. When you receive payment in QuickBooks the work order is automatically marked as paid in JM.
  4. Requires QuickBooks Online

JM Enterprise

  1. The Enterprise version of JM allows the Enterprise user to create and manage a multi level view of all connected JM instances within an organization.
  2. Create up to four organizational levels (Corporate, Regional, local, etc.).
  3. View performance data for lower levels.
  4. Manage lower levels (for centrally controlled organizations).

JM Mobile App

  1. Inspections can now be conducted from the mobile app whether or not you have an internet connection.
  2. Pictures can be taken during the inspection from the app.
  3. Download the JM App for Android HERE!
  4. The App will be available for Apple devices very soon. Watch for it!

For more information or to schedule an online training session click here.

Thank you and let us know what you think!