Geo-tracking with facial recognition is the latest innovation to the punch card.

  • New software release eliminates time theft like buddy punching
  • Increased security and accuracy save janitorial companies money

Toledo, Ohio –

Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, announced a new release for the custodial maintenance management software that’s being rolled out in the first quarter of 2020. The new release enables managers to geo-track with facial recognition their team members who are clocking in and out of the locations they service, thoroughly eliminating time theft issues such as buddy punching which is rampant in the cleaning industry.

“We heard from our customers that they were fed up with buddy punching, and we decided we needed to create a solution to help. Our new release helps our customers feel confident that they’re paying employees fairly for the time they’ve worked,” said Archie Heinl, president of Double A Solutions.

Buddy punching, in which one employee clocks in for another, is a common problem in the janitorial industry. According to a study done by the American Payroll Association, over 75% of companies lose money because of friends punching in for one another. Janitorial Manager’s new release includes geo-tracking and facial recognition technology to combat this issue. Custodians who use the software to clock-in and out have to physically be at the correct location or their supervisor receives an alert.

Another issue that the release addresses is client security. Schools, banks, and other locations with sensitive material need to ensure that the team members assigned to the location are the ones doing the cleaning. This lessens the risk of any safety or theft incidents occurring.

“The new facial recognition release is indispensable to the cleaning industry to reduce costs, increase professionalism and confirm that each employee is exactly where they’re supposed to be,” said Jill Kegler, director of business development for Janitorial Manager.

Workforce management solutions like Janitorial Manager include features to assist managers in planning out their custodians’ schedules, ensuring that all end-user needs are met. The new geo-tracking with facial recognition release provides confirmation to managers that their plans are being followed through.

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Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, is a comprehensive custodial maintenance and management software solution that helps BSCs and IHPs achieve operational, managerial, and service results. Focused on increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and improving performance, JM aids users in managing employees, inventory, inspections, work orders, communications, budgeting, and more in one easy to use program that is accessible via their desktop and all smart devices.

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