What is your time worth? When it comes to your commercial cleaning business, this is an important question to consider. Time plays a part in every aspect of your company – whether it be scheduling cleanings, managing inspections, supervising your employees, or handling your budget – everything takes time. So what would it do for you if you could save some of that time? Would it help you save money? The answer to that question is a definite yes…but how? What could possibly help you save that kind of time? There is one simple way – with Commercial Cleaning Software.

Many business owners, especially if it’s a small business, are trying to find ways to cut costs, so the thought of investing in something like commercial cleaning software may seem frivolous. But think about it this way – if this one investment could save you money in other areas, would it be worth it? YES! Here are three areas where this type of software can save you time – see for yourself how saved time equals extra money in your pocket.

Client Retention – Just one more!

Your client list is understandably of utmost importance to you. You do your best to find new business, to turn leads into clients, and you work your hardest to keep the clients you have and provide excellent customer service. You may think that making an investment in commercial cleaning software will take time or money away from your clientele, but what if that software could help you keep your client list more organized? This type of software can help you keep all of that information in an easy to navigate directory, including a detailed contact list, separate sections for active and inactive clients, and a section where you can keep specific minutiae for each client. Depending on the revenue you bring in, the monthly cost of a cleaning software program could be covered by obtaining just one more client! When your clients are satisfied, they’re more likely to recommend your services – if you give them your best, you will get their best. Commercial cleaning software will not only keep you organized and save you time, it will show your clients that you will do whatever it takes to keep their business.

Employee Churn – Keep the ones you’ve got!

Sadly, the rate of turnover in business today is staggering. This is especially hard-hitting for the commercial cleaning industry, where the average rate of turnover is 200%. That’s like hiring an entire workforce twice each year! It’s a miserable cycle – you go through a recruiting process, you hire someone, spend your hard earned money to train them, they stay with you for 6 months to a year, they leave, and you go through the entire cycle again and again – it’s exhausting. What if you could break that cycle and keep the employees you have, with little to no new training needed? That would save you a fortune in training costs alone! By using commercial cleaning software and having everything you need with one click, your employees can be trained, they can have the access they need to be more productive and organized, and you can maintain stellar management practices, all of which will keep your employees happy and loyal to your business.

Supply Costs – Stay within your budget!

One area where cleaning companies are constantly losing money is with their supply inventory. You will typically find yourself on one end of the spectrum or another – either you have too much of one thing, or not enough of another, and you don’t have one place to house all of the necessary information you need to keep either from happening. That loss can really affect your budget, which affects every other part of your business. What if you could have a comprehensive database to track your supplies – you can see what supplies you need for each client, how many of each you use, the cost of each of those supplies and how often you need to reorder them? Your budget (and your wallet) would thank you! Cleaning software can house all of that information for you:

  • Manage current suppliers (and notate the ones who aren’t active anymore)
  • Tally the cost of each and every item you use, from sponges and brooms to carts and chemicals
  • Supervise what is used for each client, every time they have a service completed
  • Keep the cost of each item updated in real time as needed
  • View your cost versus your budget for each client, for any time period

You don’t have to keep losing money on an unorganized supply list – give yourself a break and your budget a boost with a simple, easy-to-use commercial cleaning software program.

Are you convinced?

Making a change to your daily routine is difficult, but if you take all of this information into consideration, you can easily see that not only is commercial cleaning software a good investment, it will almost instantly pay for itself! Don’t waste another minute or any more of your money – invest in commercial cleaning software today!

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