Everyone wants to keep the costs of cleaning supplies down. The purchase of cleaning supplies is often one of the first places janitorial business owners look when trimming expenditures.

If this sounds like you, you might be searching in the wrong place!

The actual cost of cleaning products typically only accounts for approximately 5-7% of your overall budget. It’s the labor expense that takes the lion’s share!

Achieving a 10% savings on cleaning product costs is good. Saving 10% on your labor costs is better! Automated systems – like an online scheduler – can help accomplish this. While purchasing an online scheduler may seem a little counterintuitive at first, it can save you money – both in the immediate future and long-term.


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Demonstrate the Quality You Expect

If you approach your business with a “fly by the seat of your pants” mentality regarding scheduling and team communication, your employees will sense your lack of organization and will respond in kind.

Like begets like.

If, then, leadership flows from the top, you must have a strong handle on how you manage your people from the onset!

When you bring on new cleaning team members, what does your onboarding process look like? Do they just walk in, sign a waiver, grab a mop and get to work? Or do you spend time intentionally ensuring that each individual is properly (and thoroughly) trained and acquainted with your business’s scheduling and communication processes?

…Do you have business scheduling and communication processes?

If not, here’s where an online scheduler comes into play.

Keep it All Together With an Online Scheduler

An online scheduler designed specifically for commercial cleaning teams will save you time, energy and sanity, and will provide the structure that your team needs to succeed together… which is great for your bottom line!

Stop coordinating each of your multiple cleaners’ schedule availabilities, assigning tag work orders, managing rescheduled jobs and keeping track of overtime on paper or via back-and-forth email threads and text conversations. An online scheduler captures and contains all communications in one place.

One. Place.

Imagine the amount of time that alone will save you!

  • No more digging through emails to find the one from someone who requested time off two months ago
  • No more scrambling at the last minute to find a replacement who will answer their phone to cover for someone that you forgot had texted that they were sick
  • No more sifting through timesheets to total up paychecks
  • No more late nights trying to manually block out schedules for who can or can’t take on overtime hours…

The list could go on!

Administrative and scheduling time saved is always a big win. With the amount saved, you can fit in more time with your family, time attending to other areas of your business, or simply time to breathe. The chaos will start to settle, and you can pay better attention to working on your business, instead of just working in it.


Quality Control is key. Don’t let poor quality cost you clients.

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Avoid Errors with Real-Time Communication

In addition to the practical, day-to-day coordination of team members’ assignments, an online scheduler serves to keep everyone on the same page, at the same time – in real time! When you attempt to rely on bulletin board posted paper schedules, or even emailing out various versions of spreadsheets or Word docs with updated schedules as things change throughout the weeks, you risk errors.

Lots of errors.

Expensive errors.

Something as simple as a typo or an incorrect attached version of a document can throw everyone through a curve! Appointments are missed. Your employees are frustrated. Clients are unhappy. And you’re stressed.

An online scheduler helps to avoid these issues.

Here’s How It Works

Virtually all your employees likely have a smartphone. By now, their smartphone is probably a seemingly permanent attachment to their hand! Since the Janitorial Manager online scheduler is cloud-based, everyone with a login can access it from any computer, smartphone or tablet – no matter when and no matter where are.

When logged in, everyone can see the exact same schedule assignments in real-time. You can edit cleaners’ assignments and schedules right from the computer or app, or you can choose to give specific staff members access to make those changes themselves.

You can also set up announcements, cancellation alerts, or change notifications to be automatically sent to affected team members.

Through a time-tracking integration with Chronotek, you can also manage clock-in and clock-out from a landline or through the app via geo-location features! Since all actions are contained in the system, you’ll be able to easily and instantly keep track of everything from scheduling to staff notes, or missed punch alerts and cleaning history.

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Take Advantage of the Advantages of an Online Scheduler

If you are looking for ways to save time and money in your business, start investing in the area where you’ll get the best return. Connect with the experts at Janitorial Manager for a FREE DEMO of a smart online scheduler today!