Consider this real life scenario:

You own a growing cleaning business and you make every effort to do things right and stay provide high quality services. You spend the money to keep a proper stock of cleaning supplies at each of your clients’ locations. You feel confident that you’re staying on top of your inventory, and all seems to be going smoothly.

But then, you get a panicked call from one of your staff members saying that they’re out of paper towels, toilet paper and trash bags and all your extension cords are missing from one of your corporate client’s locations!

You scramble to restock, purchase more extension cords, and survive the evening.

Then it happens again several weeks later… And again a month after that!

You start dreading the next call, as you’re watching your stress increase and your profits decrease each time you have to manage these “Uh-oh!” incidents.

If you’ve ever found yourself in situations like this one, you know how frustrating it can be – especially if you are already stretched thin for time, resources and personnel.

Where is the Breakdown?

There are a number of potential explanations for the problem including theft, training issues, and general error or misuse. In this scenario, however, it was that the client had started hosting monthly community events at that location. Extension cords were being pulled out of the supply closet to power decorative lighting and were not returned, and the sudden increase consumption of supplies during the event drastically reduced the stock that week.

However, instead of getting to the bottom of “uh-oh!” issues, spur of the moment fixes often replace real solutions to the real problems.

Addressing the Real Issues

The root issues in this scenario were simply a breakdown in communication and insufficient tracking.

  1. Communication:
    The breakdown in communication between the client and the team occurred when the client decided to host monthly events but didn’t think to notify the cleaning staff. The client didn’t have a quick and easy way to communicate to the janitorial team that there would be a change coming, so the message was simply never relayed until after the fact.
  2. Tracking Recurring Events:
    If supply usage was tracked real time for that client each week, they would have immediately noticed the panic-inducing usage spike occurring on the second week each month… the week that the special events were scheduled. Recognizing the increased consumption early would have prompted investigation, communication with the client and the necessary adjustments. However, without the ability to effectively track and analyze fluctuation in consumption rates, they were caught off-guard and were unprepared when the “uh-oh!” moments hit.

Using Operations Management Software to Solve Problems

Well designed and properly utilized operations management software is a highly effective way to preempt and resolve operational issues. This tool provides a functional, mobile platform for clients to quickly and easily connect directly with your team regarding:

  • Work orders
  • Special events/cleanings
  • Unique needs
  • Low supplies
  • Real time feedback

Operations management software is a great way to ensure smooth delivery of services, and is far more convenient and effective than sending emails, leaving sticky notes, or even trying to connect via phone. Simple request forms can be submitted via tablet, laptop, computer, or even smartphone! Guaranteed delivery of the message is instantaneous, responses are prompt and there is a permanent, centralized record of all communications!

Avoid the “Uh-oh!” issues – Connect with Janitorial Manager to discover the difference that effective operations management software can make in your cleaning business. Contact us today for a FREE DEMO.