Wouldn’t it be nice to have a janitorial management software that could function as a Farmer’s Almanac of sorts for your commercial cleaning business?

In your hands, such a resource might serve to help you project costs of inventory goods, caution against labor fluctuations, or forecast growth with the most potential for profitability.

It may sound like wishful thinking, but with the right janitorial management software, you just might be surprised at your ability to develop an Almanac-like approach to predicting, protecting against, and even preventing some of the largest challenges that your commercial cleaning business faces.

Connect Chains of Related Events

For the past almost 200 years, the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted long-range weather forecasts up to two years in advance! Its predictions are based on a top-secret algorithm that connects various seemingly unrelated factors, like sunspot activity, tidal action and planetary positioning. The right ‘recipe’ of information has allowed the Almanac to make the claim of around 80% accuracy!

Just as the Farmer’s Almanac references a number of seemingly unrelated variables in order to obtain the most accurate projections possible, the right janitorial management software can automatically pull from a variety of input data to produce one easy-to-read, customized report with the pertinent information you’re needing in the moment.

This means no more wasting hours and hours of time staring you your computer screen late at night trying to create spreadsheets, or crunching endless numbers from who-knows-how-many different papers and printouts to get just one usable metric.

The automated reports that your janitorial management software can produce can be used as predictive tools to improve efficiency in your operations and logistics, and help with addressing issues such as employee performance, work order management, inventory controls, and customer satisfaction and retention. The opportunities for how easily accessible, actionable data can be used are endless!

Learn from the (Well-Organized!) Past

One of the steps of the Farmer’s Almanac’s process for predicting future events, is the utilization of data from the past. How does this apply to you, you ask? In order to predict potential issues or opportunities for your janitorial business, you must be able to easily access and organize useful historical data.

If you’ve ever tried to sort through 14 different file cabinets filled with haphazardly organized paper files, sticky notes and handwritten receipts from years ago to figure out how much you’ve been spending on cleaning supplies, you know pure frustration. You’re never quite sure if you’ve completely or accurately identified all the factors that have negatively (or positively!) impacted your costs or capacity… or if there are still pieces missing!

A janitorial management software, however, compiles all of this information and provides you the ability to see how your budget compares to your costs over time in simple dashboard reports. It helps you make the best decisions about the products and suppliers you use – or should stop using – in minutes, rather than hours!

By having access to this historical data, you can also more accurately predict potential inventory management issues. For example, the software can automatically track your inputs of the amount of money spent during specific times of year for each client. Being able to instantly access this information allows you to effectively forecast how use, reorders and demand may impact your supply chain, inventory materials’ delivery coordination, and your projected expenses over time. Based on this information, you can put proper inventory controls in place to minimize out-of-stock and overstock issues, identify product use training issues, and more!

Janitorial Management Software is Your Business’s Almanac

If you’re ready to see how a janitorial management software can better equip and prepare you and your team to step into the future of your business, give Janitorial Manager a call today!

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