• New mobile bidding increases a BSC’s professional image to stand out from the competition
  • Flexibility allows contractors to create the correct bid for the correct application
  • Customized bid documents assist service providers in telling their story and strengthening their brand

Toledo, Ohio – Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, announced a new enhancement and upgrade to their comprehensive cleaning software, specifically to their janitorial mobile app.  The addition of Mobile Bidding to the already robust bidding feature of the management tool enables contractors to create a bid during an on-site walkthrough, including photos and location-specific details, then send a professional & customized proposal document directly to the prospect upon the completion of the site visit. All bids are part of the cloud-based software and available on multiple devices for tracking and updating until an opportunity is won.

“We heard from our customers the need to have a bidding tool they can use for their customers that was easy to use but provided a solid scope of work and elevated their professional image. With Mobile Bidding, our customer can chose to create a quick bid at the customer or return to the office and add additional details, then provide consistent follow up until the bid is one.” – Archie Heinl, President & CEO of Double A Solutions

Two of the top 3 ways a company can differentiate their business from a competitor is through quality and speed according to Entrepreneur Magazine.  With Mobile Bidding, you are visually elevating your professional image by using a cutting edge software program.  You further strengthen your perception in the customer’s eyes with the speed you can share a proposal filled with details that separate you from your competition.

“The new addition of Mobile Bidding on the JM Connect App allows BSC’s to create professional & polished bids when conducting a walk through at prospective clients. If a company chooses to build out a high detail bid for a customer that is still available as well. Our goal is to be flexible to all our client’s needs to help them succeed.” – Jill Kellermeyer Kegler, Director of Business Development for Janitorial Manager

Workforce management solutions like Janitorial Manager focus on providing an all-in-one, interactive and comprehensive solution to help cleaning businesses succeed from the initial bid to on-going professional implementation, execution, documenting, and monitoring of essential services with time tracking, work orders, inspections, inventory management, communication tools, and other critical features.

Two Hands Holding Iphones Showing Ui Of Mobile Bidding

Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, is a comprehensive cleaning maintenance and management software solution that helps Building Service Contractors and In-House Service Provider’s achieve operational, managerial, and service results. Focused on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving performance, JM aids users in managing employees, inventory, inspections, work orders, communications, budgeting, and more in one easy-to-use cloud-based program that is accessible via desktop and smart devices.

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