When you utilize janitorial QC software to ensure consistent, customized, actionable inspections reports, you help shape the understanding of what your cleaning company brings to the table.

When your inspections technicians complete a walk-through of a customer’s facility, it’s not only to double-checking your cleaners’ work. Inspections are not even just for the benefit of your customers’ satisfaction. While a proper inspection should accomplish those important purposes also, the real value of inspections is offered, in large part, to your own commercial cleaning company!

Sure, you may work hard to present a glossy, well thought out bid presentation, but if your prospective customers have already heard that your cleaners are allowed to do a lackluster job, you have already lost the job long before you even stepped up to the plate.

If you fail to invest in tools like janitorial quality control software, you are failing to invest in your own business!

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A Reputation. You Only Get One.

Do you know what the perception of your business is? If you don’t, you should.

You want people in your niche or in your most profitable industry to offer up rave reviews; to speak of the work you do with admiration; to express trust and respect for the quality of work that you expect from your staff; to think of what your brand represents and have a positive response.

However, once established – positive or negative – public opinion of your company is often very difficult and expensive to sway. That’s why it’s essential that you intentionally choose to set yourself up for success from the get-go. Using janitorial quality control software to correct issues that are bound to arise, often before your customers are even aware of them, is one way to accomplish this objective.


Quality Control is key. Don’t let poor quality cost you clients.

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Capitalize on Janitorial QC Software

Ensuring the kind of consistent quality that you assured you’d provide your customers during the bid process, requires daily engagement and ongoing evaluation of the services you provide.

If you attempted to be personally present and involved at every facility every day, you would never get anything else done! That’s why you need to utilize a janitorial quality control software that can provide the structure, automation and personalization necessary to keep your customers content!

Janitorial quality control software provides customized checklists for each of your customers’ facilities that includes a breakdown of all the required cleaning for that location. The completed tasks are then inspected and rated on a scale of poor to excellent. The results of these inspection reports are then generally provided to the owner or manager of the cleaning company, the cleaning technician, and the account contact person for quality accountability.

The use of janitorial quality control software is useful for accomplishing inspections, because it establishes:

  • Levels of Excellence

When performing an audit, you must determine what standard baseline of quality the inspector should be looking for. This baseline should identify what components of the room are to be inspected, and how often. Using janitorial quality control software allows you to customize the reports for each room, and to instruct for example, to inspect everything or just specifically the higher-touch surfaces. The software should also allow your inspection technicians to take photos of issue areas and document when those issues are corrected to the appropriate level of excellence.

  • Inspection Uniformity

Once you’ve established what you’ll be looking for, you need to decide who is going to be doing the looking. Not just anyone should be doing the inspections. Rather, it is necessary to train for eliminating scoring deviations so that each inspection report means the same thing, no matter who does it. Your customers expect the same high level of excellence every time they walk in the door, so your technicians need to be trained on how to uniformly communicate ratings via the checklists stored in the janitorial QC software to ensure the right results are delivered.

  • Corrections and Encouragement

The inspection data should be used to provide prompt feedback to your cleaning staff. One of the benefits of using a janitorial QC software, is that rather than collecting stacks of unread paper inspection checklists, this technology provides automated, condensed, results-focused reports and real-time data that can be immediately acted upon to address issues with cleaning quality. But as Judy Gillies, co-author of Behind the Broom, explains that although the cleaning staff can’t fix a problem they don’t know exists, “Be sure to also give positive feedback. The cleaning industry does not hear enough positive feedback and communicating inspection reports offers a great opportunity to thank your cleaning staff for a job well done.”

  • Ongoing Communication

In addition to providing your staff with inspections’ results-based corrections and encouragement, you should also use the results of the inspections to communicate with your customers. When they can see that you are utilizing a proper cleaning inspection process to proactively accomplish what they hired you to do for them, it helps them realize the value of their cleaning dollars at work. You can choose to share inspections report data with your customers via the client portal of your commercial cleaning business management software.


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Provide Value and Satisfaction as Promised

To win a janitorial bid, you have to set a high bar of customer satisfaction. To keep that customer long-term, you have to be prepared to consistently deliver on those promises. For a FREE DEMO of an affordable, Cloud-based janitorial QC software that can help you make that happen, contact Janitorial Manager today!